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Tabletop World Announces Their Annual Painting Contest

48 days ago 2

If you have any awesome terrain from Tabletop World, now’s the time to make sure it gets painted up and you can enter it in their annual painting competition. You could win some serious money to add to your collection of Tabletop World terrain.

The Tabletop World Watermill Looks Utterly Amazing!

155 days ago 9

Tabletop World is back with some more wonderful terrain that just pops on the battlefield. See what you think of their Watermill.

A Watermill Project Is Up Next From Tabletop World!

172 days ago 3

Tabletop World is adding to their stunning range of terrain with a Watermill as their next big project. While we’ve only got this sneaky image here it’s already got us excited.

Feel Safe Behind Mighty Walls & Towers By Tabletop World

224 days ago 26

Tabletop World have added to their mighty castle set with both a selection of Fortified Towers and also some Town Walls too. See what you think.

Is This The Most Amazing Dungeons & Dragons Tabletop Ever?

245 days ago 19

Would you like to go adventuring in this impressive Dungeonscape? Take a look at the amazing tabletop Ryan Devoto has put together.

Weekender: Delving On The Best D&D Table Ever & The World Of BattleTech Explored

Weekender: Delving On The Best D&D Table Ever & The World Of BattleTech Explored

246 days ago 125

Join us as we dive into the news from the week!

New Ruined Townhouse From Tabletop World

269 days ago 13

Tabletop World has added another brilliant terrain piece to their range. The Ruined Townhouse will add an awesome element of detail to your game table or diorama and help tell the story of whatever battle took place there.

Weekender XLBS: The First Steps Are Critical

Weekender XLBS: The First Steps Are Critical

448 days ago 79

Sit back and relax with us for
The Weekender XLBS as we
discuss some interesting
decisions from Games Workshop,
talk about getting you settled
in the hobby and show off
Warren’s latest gadgets…

Stunning Diorama Table Features Pieces From Tabletop World

451 days ago 16

Occasionally you come across game or hobby pictures that you just can’t take your eyes off of, and this is one of those moments. Hobbiest Ryan Devoto shared pictures of his stunning display diorama that features a number of lovely pieces from Tabletop World and shows just how beautiful they are when you put them together.

Man The New Massive Town Gate From Tabletop World

520 days ago 9

A new massive terrain piece is now available to buy from the folks at Tabletop World. They are known for their immense structures but this one is taking the biscuit! See what you make of the Town Gate below which is their biggest project to date…

Tabletop World Looks Ahead To Massive Town Gate Project

538 days ago 5

Tabletop World have teased their next immense building project for their terrain range. The Town Gate looks like it’s going to be great and from the looks of it there is going to be a LOT going on with this…

Another Amazing Terrain Piece From Tabletop World!

642 days ago 19

Tabletop World have made another amazing looking piece of terrain for your Fantasy/Historical tabletop. The new building is the Guard Tower, used to watch the tracks and roads into town and keep an eye out for marauding armies on the horizon…

A Masterful Bridge Is The Newest Terrain Piece From Tabletop World

709 days ago 14

Check out the amazing Stone Bridge Kit from Tabletop World that slips right into a wonderful Medieval Fantasy world as another key piece of terrain for the tabletop.

A Luxury Mansion Is Crafted By Tabletop World!

884 days ago 4

Tabletop World have put together another impressive looking terrain kit for your historical and fantasy tables. See what you think of the Mansion!

Tabletop World Sneak A Peek At Christmas Terrain Release

904 days ago 2

Take a sneaky look at what Tabletop World are going to be working on for the run up to Christmas this year!