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3CU: How To Paint Halo Fleet Battles – UNSC Epoch-Class Heavy Carrier Part Two

665 days ago 8

In this episode Romain finishes work on the glow effects around the engines and begins work on the running lights on the sides of the ship…

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Morkanaut Part Three!

1140 days ago 3

To finish off Duncan is adding the final touches to his mammoth Morkanaut. He’ll be going into detail about how to create great effects for lights and orbs as well as a bit more weathering and a sure fire way to paint horns!

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Morkanaut Part Two!

1140 days ago 0

In the second part of this painting tutorial from Games Workshop Duncan goes on to show how to work on the metallic sections of the Morkanaut and also how to begin making those details pop.

Painting a Tau Piranha Part Four

Painting a Tau Piranha Part Four

1554 days ago 3

Tau Week is fast coming to a close and before we reach the last day of this themed week our buddy Dave takes the time to finish up his tutorial on the Tau Piranha, painting the last of the camouflage and even painting some lights on this cool little model.