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3 Colours Up: Freehand Wood

3 Colours Up: Freehand Wood Technique

173 days ago 23

Today Romain is painting a Freehand Wood Techniques on the Warmachine shoulder pads of the Man-o-War Shocktroopers from Privateer Press.

3 Colours Up: Painting Rackham Spirals

3 Colours Up: Painting Rackham Spirals

288 days ago 10

Today Romain is painting up the famed Rackham Spirals.

3 Colours Up - Painting Blue Marble

3 Colours Up: Painting Blue Marble

295 days ago 16

Today Romain is sculpting out a marble sheild for us.

3 Colours Up - Engraved Menoth Patterns

3 Colours Up – Engraved Menoth Patterns

344 days ago 6

As Privateer Press has been announcing their Mk III editions, we thought it might be best to draft up Menoth designs again.

3 Colours Up – Painting A Viking Shield

386 days ago 13

This week Romain’s painting a Viking sheild which has taken a few hits in it’s day.

Star Wars Imperial Assault Painting Guide: How To Paint An AT-ST!

847 days ago 0

It’s time to roll out the big guns this time as Sorastro’s Painting goes into detail about how to paint the AT-ST from Star Wars Imperial Assault by Fantasy Flight Games…

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: How To Paint Swamp Bases!

976 days ago 3

Your followers of Nurgle are going to want some cool looking bases to stand on and in an additional tutorial Games Workshop’s Duncan Rhodes takes you through how to paint up an awesome foetid Swamp Base that will be perfect for your Blightkings.

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Stormfang Part 2

1046 days ago 1

In Part 2 of this Games Workshop Painting Tutorial Duncan Rhodes looks at painting up the detail in the cockpit and elsewhere on the Stormfang Gunship. How would you go about making these areas pop?

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Texture Paints!

1120 days ago 6

Rounding things off Games Workshop take a look at that all important step, basing your miniature. To do that they have a range of texture paints that actually work pretty darn well from what I’ve been told! See what you think of this tutorial.

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Cadian Shock Troopers

1163 days ago 0

Games Workshop help you work through all those rank and file soldiers as they present a tutorial for the Cadian Shock Troopers you’ll be using to make up the majority of your Astra Militarum force…

Tank God Tips: Anti-Magnetic Mine Paste

Tank God Tips: Anti-Magnetic Mine Paste

1207 days ago 10

Today John takes on the challenge of making some Anti-Magnetic Mine Past for one of our Bolt Action tanks. Yeah, I didn’t know this stuff existed either!

Tank God Tips: Adding Cast Metal To Your Tanks!

Tank God Tips: Adding Cast Metal To Your Tanks!

1211 days ago 11

Time for another tip from our resident Tank God!
Today we’re going to see how to add cast metal
effects to your tanks for Bolt Action.

Painting A Cygnar Trencher Part 4

Painting A Cygnar Trencher Part 4

1305 days ago 4

Romain finishes up this painting tutorial with the last thing we need to get our little Trencher ready to hit the tabletop, his base. Romain is keeping things simple with a muddy base with the standard black rim.

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Agrellan Earth

1313 days ago 1

Get crafting some awesome looking bases with another painting tutorial showing off how to use another Technical Paint, Agrellan Earth. Will you be using this?