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Dust To Dust: How To Paint Rusty Armour Plates!

Dust To Dust: How To Paint Rusty Armour Plates!

1035 days ago 16

In this episode of Dust to Dust our resident Tank God
takes us through the process of making run down,
rusty, metal armour and plating for your
battle hardened miniatures!

What do you think of the technique?

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Dark Eldar Wracks!

1039 days ago 3

Games Workshop have put up another painting tutorial for you to watch showing you how to paint a Dark Eldar Wrack! Duncan Rhodes is back showing you how to paint the flesh, armour, clothes and instruments of torture!

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: How To Paint Nagash Part 1!

1059 days ago 8

The End Times are approaching and this means that Duncan Rhodes must bend to the will of Nagash and get painting him in an epic four part tutorial. In Part 1 we get a look at assembling this herald of woe!

Dust to Dust: Weathering Axis Armour Plates

Dust to Dust: Weathering Axis Armour Plates

1077 days ago 27

The tank god is back for another great episode of Dust to Dust. Get your painting and weathering gear ready as John breaks out his Axis Heavy Walker and shows us how to make a mess of all those armour plates so it looks like it’s been in the wars!

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Stormfang Part 3

1079 days ago 2

In Part 3 of this Games Workshop Painting Tutorial Duncan Rhodes finishes off the Stormfang by looking at the canopy itself, adding glow effects and deciding on the pack markings for the flyer…

Technique Toolbox: The Basics Of Airbrushing!

Technique Toolbox: The Basics Of Airbrushing!

1149 days ago 41

In today’s show Romain is digging out one of the Airbrushes we keep in the studio and showing off how to create a very nice highlighted finish for the main sections of your miniatures!

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Layer Paints

1153 days ago 1

Start laying it on thick, or indeed thin, with another painting tutorial from Games Workshop where they look at their Layer Paints. See what steps they go through when applying these to miniatures…

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Undercoating!

1155 days ago 9

Games Workshop have added a whole new selection of painting tutorials to their website and we’ll kick things off with their Undercoating tutorial using their spray paints. See what you make of this one…

Technique Toolbox: Pre-Shading

Technique Toolbox: Pre-Shading

1156 days ago 32

Time for what could well be one of the most important of all the techniques in this particular toolbox!

We all know that depending on how you prime your miniature you will change the final result. If you use black your miniature will turn out dark, if you use white your miniature will be brighter. Simple stuff right?

Well, Romain has a few neat little tricks for pre-shading your miniature so that shadows will be dark and the light parts will make your figure pop!

Technique Toolbox: Wet Blending

Technique Toolbox: Wet Blending

1163 days ago 20

I think it’s time for another dose of Technique Toolbox don’t you? Today Romain is teaching us how to paint using Wet Blending.

Technique Toolbox: Successive Glazes

Technique Toolbox: Successive Glazes

1170 days ago 24

Romain is back for another fantastic Technique Toolbox tutorial. This time we get a master class on the subtle touch needed to paint in successive glazes, and if you’ve watched anything here on BoW, you’ll not want to miss this one!

Games Workshop Assembly & Painting: Imperial Knight Part 4

1238 days ago 0

In this final Games Workshop Tutorial they look at applying transfers to your Imperial Knight and how to get them looking just right. They can be fiddly so check this one out!

Mantic Hobby Tips: Assembling Restic Miniatures!

1249 days ago 0

It’s time for another Hobby Tips from Mantic Games where they look at what you can do to help the process of assembling Restic Miniatures. Did this help you out?

Mantic Hobby Tips: Painting Deadzone Terrain!

1259 days ago 1

Dave gets his brush and water out and gives you a run down of the tips and tricks you’ll need to know when painting your Deadzone Terrain. See what you think of the finished products within…

Mantic Hobby Tips: Building Deadzone Terrain!

1266 days ago 0

Mantic Games get Dave back in to show you how easy it is to put together their Deadzone Terrain. The whole set is pretty much a big play pit of awesomeness so get stuck in I say!