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3 Colours Up – Painting A Viking Shield

326 days ago 13

This week Romain’s painting a Viking sheild which has taken a few hits in it’s day.

Age Of Tyrants Painting Tutorial – VASA Red Hammer

476 days ago 8

Awaken Realms is one of the biggest miniature painting studios worldwide with over a dozen talented painters on board so it gives us great pleasure to introduce their YouTube video tutorial of our VASA Red Hammer tank for Age of Tyrants.

Star Wars Imperial Assault Painting Guide: How To Paint Boba Fett

567 days ago 2

Sorastro’s Painting is back painting up some more of Star Wars: Imperial Assault this time focusing on the Bounty Hunter Boba Fett who is arguably one of the coolest characters in the films…

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: How To Paint Grey Hunters!

986 days ago 0

In another painting tutorial on the Space Wolf Grey Hunters Duncan Rhodes takes you through the techniques in another spiffing ‘how to’ from Games Workshop…

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: How To Paint Thunderwolves!

986 days ago 0

Duncan Rhodes has been chained to the painting desk once more to bring you a tutorial on painting Thunderwolves for your Space Wolf army in Warhammer 40,000…

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Sector Imperialis Boards

1008 days ago 17

Games Workshop have broken out Duncan Rhodes once again to show you how to paint up those huge Sector Imperialis Realm of Battle Boards that just hit their webstore.

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Battle Damage & Weathering

1103 days ago 1

Smash and bash up your vehicles in the fires of combat an environments of death worlds as you see this new Painting Tutorial from Games Workshop…

Mantic Hobby Tips: Painting Deadzone Terrain!

1166 days ago 1

Dave gets his brush and water out and gives you a run down of the tips and tricks you’ll need to know when painting your Deadzone Terrain. See what you think of the finished products within…

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Nihilakh Oxide

1253 days ago 1

Want to try and get a verdigris effect on your tanks and armour? See what you think of the Nihilakh Oxide Technical paint from Games Workshop!

Painting Battle Damage on Rhino Armour Plates

Painting Battle Damage on Rhino Armour Plates

1810 days ago 5

Romain moves on with the finishing touches as he paints some extra Battle Damage & Bullet Holes to distress his Rhino hatch.

Painting Corroded Rhino Armour

Painting Corroded Rhino Armour

1812 days ago 24

Romain shows you how to weather the armour of a Space Marine Rhino using a door hatch.


Painting an Ork Meganob: Remastered… part 4

1838 days ago 0

John’s nob is now flush with colour!

3 Colours Up Tips: Painting Filthy Rags

2058 days ago 5

Romaine continues his tutorial on painting a Mantic Zombie. This time he plans to show us how to paint up the ragged remains of its clothing.

40K Ork Stompa Painting Tutorial – Part 3

2099 days ago 80

In the final part John starts with mixing up a little cocktail that creates a nice oil look on the hydraulic rams etc.