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Weekender: Time Of Legends - Joan Of Arc; What's It All About?

Weekender: Time Of Legends – Joan Of Arc; What’s It All About?

19 mins ago 3

We’ve got an awesome Weekender lined up for you today as we have Leo from Mythic Games in the studio talking about Time Of Legends: Joan Of Arc!

Mighty Nordgaard Viking Huskarls Take Shape For Godslayer

12 hours ago 6

If you’re a fan of the Nordgaard from Godslayer by Megalith Games then you might want to save some pocket money for these Nordgaard Viking Huskarls who mighty Ogre warriors decked out like Northern warriors…

Wonder Woman & The Amazons Lead The Way For Knight Models In July

12 hours ago 8

Making her way onto the tabletop for the end of June and beginning of July Knight Models has sculpted up a great version of Wonder Woman for you to use in the DC Universe Miniatures Game.

Wargame Exclusive’s Cyperhia The Fallen Tells A New Grimdark Story

1 day ago 13

Wargame Exclusive work on a lot of interesting alternative models for use in Warhammer 40,000 and their newest creation, Cypheria The Fallen, is quite the departure from her original inspiration.

Check Out Ramshackle Games’ Mini Gangs Characters

1 day ago 5

A new game is in development from Ramshackle Games called Mini Gangs. While the rules are still a little way off we are getting our first look at some of the models for it.

New Adventurers Head Out On A Journey From Splintered Light

2 days ago 1

Sculpted by Ben Seins the folks at Splintered Light Miniatures are going to be welcoming some new 15mm Adventurers and more to the tabletop soon.

Horde’s Grymkin Invade With New Tales Become Reality In July & August

2 days ago 16

It looks like if you’re a fan of the way the Grymkin are looking then you’re in for a treat throughout July and August of this year.

Mennes’ Mini Mashup: Trollkin Fur Clothing – Part One

2 days ago 4

The Trollkin are getting a fashionable upgrade in this Mennes’ Mini Mashup.

Cersei Lannister Poses For A Look At A Song of Ice & Fire

2 days ago 5

Are you more of a lover than a fighter? Then you’ll definitely want to add Cersei Lannister to your army for A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game.

Knight Model’s Parliament Of Owls Assembles To Take Down Batman

2 days ago 5

Knight Models has assembled a new preview of what’s coming soon to the Batman Miniatures Game. Here we have the Parliament Of Owls, each of them seeking to take Batman’s head.

Train Your Pets With KLUKVA’s Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

2 days ago 0

Adding a Steampunk twist to a famous scientist isn’t a new thing but I don’t think I’ve seen Pavlov done yet!

Blood & Plunder: No Peace Beyond The Line Kickstarter Launches!

2 days ago 42

New crews and ships do battle in the expansion to Blood & Plunder called No Peace Beyond The Line. The Kickstarter has now gone live from Firelock Games…

Siren Sculpt Up Fantastical New Elves Cailu & Taquail

2 days ago 10

Siren Miniatures have a couple of new miniatures up on their webstore and (and time of writing) there aren’t many of them left right now!

Reaper Gives A Heads Up On July Releases & A Mighty Dragon

3 days ago 10

Reaper Miniatures have given us a look ahead to what’s coming in July of this year and it appears as if it’s going to be a lot of undead shambling around!

Tercio Creativo Create A Mythic Model For Iberian Myths

3 days ago 0

Tercio Creativo have finished the first model of what they are calling a “recurrent myth” for the new faction of Iberian Myths.