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Knight Models Give A Closer Look At Joker’s New Look


Knight Models are giving us a closer look at the new minis they are preparing for Joker’s crew in Batman 2nd Ed, starting with the Clown Prince of Crime himself.

FFG Talk Skirmish Options In Star Wars: Imperial Assault’s New Expansion


Fantasy Flight Games has been showcasing more of their new expansion for Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Heart Of The Empire. This time the focus is on skirmishing and what the new expansion adds to the game.

Brother Vinni’s St. Brendan Of Clonfert Inspires Your Warriors


Brother Vinni has added to their SAGA range, for use in your Dark Age games, with St. Brendan Of Clonfert. Are you in need of some divine inspiration?

New Outlaws Mount Up From Knuckleduster Miniatures


Knuckleduster Miniatures has previewed another look at what’s coming for their Outlaw faction and the Wild West frontier. This time they’re mounting up on horseback.

Combat Squads Come To Support Their Space Marine Brothers Soon


While it is always nice to have more Space Marines, especially Primaris ones, sometimes you need to think tactically. Games Workshop will soon be adding pre-orders for new Combat Squads.

Join BoW Lance For A Chill Painting Stream Tonight 8pm BST


Lance, otherwise known as @lancorz here on Beasts Of War is going to potentially be running a set of chill painting streams tonight and tomorrow over on his Twitch Channel.

A Sneaky Look Ahead At A New Armoured Sorscha For Warmachine!


It looks like a new themed force is going to be making its way to the tabletop for Warmachine as Sorscha of Khador gets herself a new suit of armour and a big upgrade from Privateer Press.

Mithril Continues To Add To Their Lord Of The Rings Collection


While many of you may not know them, Mithril has been creating Lord of the Rings models for a long time. Their collection is rather vast and draws on the book representations of the characters and creatures rather than the films.

Beautiful Dreamers & Slavering Beasts For The Grymkin Of Hordes


Privateer Press continue to grow the Grymkin faction for the world of Hordes and this time around we’re greeted by some fantastic looking new models starting with The Dreamer & Phantasms.

Khurasan Show Off Knights, Far Eastern Barbarians & Sci-Fi Soldiers


Khurasan Miniatures has been dabbled in all sorts over the past few weeks with some previews of what’s coming on the Medieval front as well as into the far future.

Knight Models Preview New Joker For Batman 2nd Edition


Joining Batman and cohorts with a new edition of the miniatures game of the same name coming in September 2017 we have this new look at The Joker and some of his cronies from Knight Models.

A Mighty Sci-Fi Knight Joins The Fight From KULKVA Miniatures


Hot on the heels of some more of their ‘Not-Overwatch’ releases we have another model from KLUKVA Miniatures on the horizon. This new Sci-Fi Knight who may look familiar to you is in the works…

Warcradle Tease Upcoming Renders From Wild West Exodus


Warcradle Studios share previews of upcoming Wild West Exodus miniatures

The Ion Age Have Some Special Sci-Fi 15mm Models


15mm characters including Rudolph Reindeer Bot, Happy Burger Bin Bot and Grim Reaperbot

Puppets War Have A Huge New Battlewalker Available Now


The Prime Knight Battlewalker is equipped for war

Stonehaven Adventures Kickstarter Closing Today


Stonehaven Miniatures Kickstarter of diverse heroes for role-playing closes soon

Otherworld’s Skeletons Start Walking Like Egyptians


Otherworld Miniatures recently unveiled some new skeletal releases for their Dark Tower range, dug up from ancient Egypt.

Infamy Print Out A Pile Of Minis


Infamy have printed out a bunch of large scale models of their upcoming releases, letting us get an idea of how they will look as finished minis.

RE-LOAD Returns With Epic New Hero Sculpts


RE-LOAD is coming back to the tabletop with their new version of the game by Archon Studio and that means some new sculpts too.

A New Story To Tell With Age Of Sigmar Blightwar Coming Soon


A new boxed game is on the way from Games Workshop for the world of Age Of Sigmar. Blightwar sees you playing out the clashes between the forces of the Chaos God Nurgle and the valiant Stormcast Eternals.