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Hasslefree’s Warrior Women Wrap Up Warm For Winter

21 hours ago 3

Over on Social Media, we’ve been seeing more characters coming to life from Hasslefree. They are lead by Glory here, who you might recognise as inspired by a certain album cover.

Weekender: Dive Into Drowned Earth & Samurai Slicing In Test Of Honour

Weekender: Dive Into Drowned Earth & Samurai Slicing In Test Of Honour

22 hours ago 136

Welcome to The Weekender where we’re diving into all manner of epic tabletop awesomeness including Test Of Honour, The Drowned Earth and more!

The Gestir Captain Stomps Into Godslayer For The Nordgaard

2 days ago 3

Megalith Games are continuing to preview what lies ahead for the world of Godslayer. Their latest preview is for the Gestir Captain who is a mighty force to be reckoned with for the Nordgaard faction.

Bad Squiddo Games Tease Mounted Shieldmaidens Soon!

2 days ago 4

Coming to Salute this year Bad Squiddo Games is expanding its range of Vikings with some Mounted Shieldmaidens and Jarl Lagertha, ready to go reclaim her home.

Protect The Land With The Natives In Black Scorpion’s Tombstone

3 days ago 4

Black Scorpion continue their previews for Tombstone with a look at the Natives faction which will be gracing the game when it hits Kickstarter soon in April. The faction breaks down in a similar fashion to the Outlaws we saw yesterday starting with the Leader.

Changes Coming To Warhammer 40,000 Rules + New Death Guard!

3 days ago 62

Games Workshop dropped some new information on what lies ahead for Warhammer 40,000 as we see a New Edition on the horizon.

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire Revealed At AdeptiCon!

3 days ago 49

The new game from Games Workshop, set in the Age of Sigmar, has now been unveiled in full. Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire takes a little from deck builders and a little from miniatures gaming with their new competitive, organised play experience.

JoeK Show Off Stunning Fury Cast For Their Odyssey Range

3 days ago 3

JoeK Minis has shown off the first cast for one of their Fury miniatures which will be coming to Kickstarter soon. This truly is rather stunning…

Deadly Droids Arrive In Star Wars: Imperial Assault From FFG

3 days ago 9

A pair of deadly droids has been added into the mix for Star Wars: Imperial Assault by Fantasy Flight Games. See what you make of BT-1 & 0-0-0 with their new villain pack for the game…

Studio Miniatures Preview Time Travelling Heroes For Salute 2017

3 days ago 4

If you’re a fan of the quirky range that Studio Miniatures produces then you’ll want to take a look at two of the characters they’re bringing to Salute 2017 with Jay & The Professor.

4Ground’s Fabled Realms Dragoul Henchmen Stalk The Streets

4 days ago 14

4Ground has sent through some final renders of how their new Dragoul Henchmen are going to look for the Druggoi Coven in Legends Of Fabled Realms.

Walking Dead & Warpath Bundles Coming To AdeptiCon From Mantic

4 days ago 1

AdeptiCon is but a day away and as a last minute update make sure to go and check out what Mantic Games are doing as they have some great deals for those of you who like The Walking Dead: All Out War and Warpath!

Black Scorpion Preview Outlaw Faction For Tombstone

4 days ago 6

Black Scorpion has now previewed the line-up for the Outlaws, one of the big factions in Tombstone which is their Wild West skirmish game coming soon to Kickstarter.

Harry Potter Miniatures Game Get Its Own Page On The Knight Models Website

4 days ago 14

Knight Models continues to torture Harry Potter fans worldwide with a new teaser page on their site.

Everything Epic Teases Big Trouble In Little China Is Getting Closer

4 days ago 9

By the looks of things, we’re getting closer to Big Trouble In Little China! Everything Epic is showing off some exciting box art and another character for the game headed this way over the summer.