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Dark Eldar Beastmaster

862 days ago 3

Darrell gets out a Dark Eldar Beastmaster and has another chat about these evil space elves.

Dark Eldar – Hellions

943 days ago 8

Darrell gets some Dark Eldar Hellions to un box, and he lets us know just what he thinks of them.

How to Stop The Dark Eldar Using a Webway Portal

1308 days ago 47

Darrell thinks he can completely nerf one of the Dark Eldar Tactics!


The sinister forces of the Dark Eldar grow steadily in number…

1441 days ago 42

Games Workshop have just announced the availability of the following cool additions to the Dark Eldar Range:

Check Them Out! And Join me in loving the Clawed Fiend – HARD! (Just the way they like it!)

Dark Eldar Mandrakes

1442 days ago 8

Darrell drags the Dark Eldar Mandrakes out of the shadows to give us a good look at them.

Bust out your Black Templar guys… they’re now 5th Edition!

1473 days ago 26

Games Workshop have just released a huge FAQ correcting and updating all… well nearly all… of the Space Marine chapters!

But what does that mean for future Codex updates?

Skimmers And Base Height Rules | Daily Tips

1474 days ago 13

Darrell has a look in to the rules around scenic bases and skimmer bases in Warhammer 40K and the different things you can do to your base.

Dark Eldar Combat Drugs | Daily Tips

1481 days ago 12

Sam and Darrell are going to have a chat about the combat drugs that can be taken by the Dark Eldar.

Painting 40K | Last Hatred Dark Eldar

1484 days ago 8

Les rocks back in from the holidays with another Dark Eldar painting video, this time pulling out some great Last Hatred Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors.

Combating Cover Saves | Daily Tips

1519 days ago 15

Darrell has a look in to how to beat cover saves in Warhammer 40k and ends up finding more ways to get a cover save than ways to beat it.

Dark Eldar HQ Choices | First Look

1541 days ago 19

They guys continue the weekend by talking about the Dark Eldar HQ choices and Darrell get’s quite tongue tied by there names lol.

Dark Eldar Heavy Support | First Look

1541 days ago 18

hey guys Darrell and Andy move on the the next part of the Codex for the new Dark Eldar, talking about the Heavy Support choices you can take.

Dark Eldar Fast Attack | First Look

1541 days ago 22

Darrell and Andy look at the fast attack for the Dark Eldar and see what beastly things they can find.

Dark Eldar Elites | First Look

1543 days ago 16

Darrell and Andy chat about the elite options in the new Dark Eldar codex. Deciding what they would take or leave and have a look at some of the fun rules. BoW Lloyd.

Dark Eldar Reavers | First Look

1543 days ago 21

Hey guys more Dark Eldar for you, Andy gets out the new Reavers, another great kit that looks like its going to be really fun when we get them out on the table.