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New Infinity Previews For February Release Date


Of course, we got a look at the Knights Hospitaller last week as a new unit coming your way for Infinity.

Infamous JT Bringing Warsaw Uprising To Life In February


A small collection of miniatures are going to be hitting Kickstarter in February from Infamous JT based on the events of the Warsaw Uprising from World War II

Will You Escape The Awful Orphanage On Kickstarter?


The Awful Orphanage is an upcoming game that will be heading to Kickstarter where you will be looking to escape its dark and foreboding walls!

Punga’s Fantasy Football Savage Orc Now On Kickstarter


Punga Miniatures has now hit Kickstarter with their team of Fantasy Football playing Savage Orcs, inspired by the cultures of the Pacific Islands.

Crooked Dice Master Dashing 7TV Heroes & Cult Leaders


Crooked Dice are sending off two new characters for mastering, including a new hero of television and a sinister cultist.

Let's Play: Nemesis

Let’s Play: Nemesis


Az is joined by the Editors for a
play-through of new space horror
board game Nemesis which launches
on Kickstarter soon!

Face Down Cartoon’s Big Cat With Your Mouse Adventurers


As an addition to the Mouse Adventure Kickstarter from Cartoon Miniatures, they threw this evil looking Cat into the mix as an enemy for you to face.

Gangfight Games Bringing New Outlaws To Blackwater Gulch


Ahead of a new Kickstarter coming in February we have a peek at some new Outlaws from Gangfight Games for Blackwater Gulch.

New Birds & Beasts In GCT Studios’ Bushido Wave 38 Releases


The complete Wave 38 is now available for you to snap up from GCT Studios for Bushido. It contains all manner of new characters for a variety of the different factions.

Witches & Priests Emerge From Lucid Eye’s Savage Core


We’re diving down back into the Savage Core range from Lucid Eye today as we check out some more of their Age Of Ice releases.

Catch Nemesis On Kickstarter Early For Day One Free Medic Add-On


Awaken Realms and Rebel Games are soon going to be hitting Kickstarter with Nemesis, a deadly board game of survival horror origins.

Alchemy & A Search For Knowledge Begins With New Alkemy Sculpts


Alkemy the Game will be getting two new figures, which have both been previewed on their facebook page.

Massive New Wave Of 2018 Releases For Dark Age


The world of Dark Age is welcoming all manner of fascinating new releases and more for 2018.

Go Exploring With Antediluvian’s New Wizardly Wanderer


Who knew that Leonardo Da Vinci was a Wizard?! Well, Antediluvian Miniatures have postulated that that is certainly the case with some upcoming characters.

Highlander: The Board Game Now On Kickstarter


River Horse are now live on Kickstarter with Highlander: The Board Game. Prepare for The Quickening!

Bloated & Foetid Nurgle Beauties Summoned Forth In Age Of Sigmar


Monstrous beasts of Nurgle were the releases from Games Workshop for Age Of Sigmar over the weekend featuring some strange and disgusting looking new additions to your army of pox and plague.

Let's Play: Para Bellum - Conquest

Let’s Play: Para Bellum – Conquest – Learn To Play


Leo from Para Bellum has landed in the studio to teach me how to play Conquest.

First Warhammer 40,000 Adeptus Custodes Releases Hit This Weekend


The first big set of releases for Warhammer 40,000 and the Adeptus Custodes hit this coming weekend. Games Workshop previewed some of what you’ve got to look forward to in their Warhammer Community blog.

Purgatory Kickstarter Returns Feb 28th With Refugees Of Religion


Underestimated Games has been working feverishly on getting the next cohorts ready for Purgatory.

Weekender XLBS: Welcome Back & Win Yourself A Mythic Battles Typhon Pledge!

Weekender XLBS: Welcome Back & Win Yourself A Mythic Battles Typhon Pledge!


Let’s get 2018 started with
some XLBS goodness!