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FFG Announce X-Wing Wave XIV With Renegades & Reapers


Fantasy Flight Games have announced the newest wave for X-Wing with Wave XIV on the horizon full of Renegades & Reapers.

Start Collecting Sets For Kharadron Overlords & Stormcast Vanguard On The Horizon


Games Workshop is offering up some new routes into the hobby and Age Of Sigmar with two additional Start Collecting Sets for you to check out this weekend.

Head To ‘Nam With New Miniatures Game By Battlefront


Battlefront is going to be moving to the jungles of Vietnam with their new ‘Nam Rulebook release. This time around the system used draws on the Team Yankee mechanics to fuel your battles.

New Cyberpunk HINT Models Previewed & Late Pledges Open


Human Interface now as an open Pledge Manager and Late Pledge option, allowing you to dive in and get your hands on the game if you missed the Kickstarter project.

TTCombat Release Dropfleet & Dropzone Range + Special Cruiser!


TTCombat has now released the entire of the Dropfleet Commander and Dropzone Commander range onto their webstore.

Star Wars: Legion Release Update From Fantasy Flight Games


There’s not a gaming Star Wars fan out there who’s not excited about the upcoming release of Star Wars: Legion from Fantasy Flight Games. They just dropped an update that’ll make both Rebels & The Empire smile.

Team Yankee Tanks, Choppers & More Released This Month


Battlefront has some Mid-January releases for you to get stuck into as they show off some new tanks and more for the Team Yankee range.

Tie Up Those Walkers With FFG’s Star Wars: Legion T-47 Airspeeder


Countering the AT-ST that we saw yesterday from Fantasy Flight Games for Star Wars: Legion, we have the T-47 Airspeeder which is going to be an essential addition to your Rebel force.

Check Out Mighty New Sci-Fi Ships From Antenocitis Workshop


Some grand new ships have been added to the Antenocitis Workshop webstore. If you like Battlecruisers, Carriers, Superheavies and more, these are some very swish looking ships.

Weekender: Exclusive! River Horse's Super Secret Project Revealed

Weekender: River Horse EXCLUSIVE & Win A Dark Age Starter Set


River Horse reveal their next
big project coming in 2018!

Bring The Italians To North Africa With Avanti For Flames Of War


Flames of War welcomes the Italians into the war for North Africa with Avanti, a new book which details the armies fighting alongside the Germans during 1942-43.

WizKids Show Off New Star Trek + Classic D&D Monster Set


WizKids have some new sets for you to take a look at for both Star Trek: Attack Wing and also their D&D Icons Of The Realm range as well.

Awesome Shuttle Craft Arrives For Battle System’s Core Space Kickstarter


With the Kickstarter for Core Space coming to a close, the folks at Battle Systems showed off an awesome looking Shuttle Craft which is part of their campaign.

ClearHorizon Preview Their 28mm Hades Banshee VTOL


Ever since we saw the 15mm scale version of the Hades Banshee VTOL, folks have been asking ClearHorizon Miniatures if they’re going to make a 28mm piece too. Well, they answer and they previewed just how big the kit is on Facebook this week.

The War Of The Worlds Hits Kickstarter In Tripods & Triplanes


Now’s your chance to participate in the War of the Worlds in the latest Kickstarter from Ares Games. Tripods & Triplanes: The War of the Worlds in Wings of Glory pits the alien race against man’s best flying machines.

Antenociti’s Workshop Give First Look At Their Roc Dropship


Antenociti’s Workshop has previewed a proper first look at their finished Roc Dropship. As Dropships go, this is looking rather awesome.

FFG Previews The M12-L Kimogila Expansion Pack For X-Wing


The Scum get some new firepower for X-Wing!

TTCombat Purchase Dropfleet & Dropzone Commander


TTCombat has announced that they have purchased both Dropfleet Commander and Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames in a new deal.

T’au Hunt Titans In Forge World’s New Tiger Shark Variant


Over at Forge World, the T’au are busy strapping even bigger guns to their aircraft as the Tiger Shark AX-1-0 goes up for pre-order.

A Disgusting Heavy Drone Flies Over Hitech Miniatures


Hitech Miniatures are releasing a new plague ridden flying machine, a heavy drone referred to as the Pupa.