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Greebo Summon More Sculpts For Their Alastoran Kickstarter


Greebo Games have revealed some new renders of the diabolical Alastoran models they will be bringing to Kickstarter next month.

Creepy Character Concepts Appear At Gangfight Games


Gangfight Games have revealed some new concepts for their upcoming Kickstarter.

Tengu, Winged Beasts & Scheming Traders Coming To Bushido


New artwork has been previewed by GCT Studios for the future releases in Bushido. We’re getting some really interesting characters coming to life this time around starting out with the Tengu (…bird people!) Hirobo.

The Dead & Demons Shamble Into Zenit’s Kensei This Winter


A selection of new and interesting miniatures are going to be available this December from Zenit Miniatures for the fantastical samurai world of Kensei and Torii.

Windmaster Preview Fantasy Giant Ahead Of 2018 Kickstarter


Windmaster Miniatures have been previewing some of their new Fantasy miniatures that are going to be popping up as part of a Kickstarter campaign which launches next year in January/February 2018.

The Barbed Crawlers Hunt In The Other Side


Wyrd Games have previewed the grunt troops of the Gibbering Horde in The Other Side, the Barbed Crawlers.

The Weekender XLBS: Warren's Christmas Horn & Legacy games are da bomb!

The Weekender XLBS: Warren’s Christmas Horn & Legacy games are da bomb!


Shield your eyes as
Warren gets his horn out!

The Weekender: Arcworlde's Realms Explored & Win A Battle Foam Backpack

The Weekender: Arcworlde’s Realms Explored & Win A Battle Foam Backpack


Welcome to the December
fueled Weekender.

Zenit Give A Quick Update On Their Yokai Quest Minis


Zenit announced in an update on their Yokai Quest Kickstarter that production of their minis’ prototypes is underway and have presented some of the renders to show how things are progressing.

Fiendish Football Players and Barbarian Santas Appear At Greebo Games


Greebo Games are getting into the Christmas spirit with a seasonal concept, along with a WiP for their upcoming Alastoran Kickstarter.

A Troll Brings Its Club to MoMMiniaturas


MoMMiniaturas have recently shown off a couple of new greens they’ve had on their workbench.

New Orcs & Goblins Coming Soon From Lost Kingdom Miniatures


A set of New Greenskins are coming soon from Lost Kingdom Miniatures.

Puppets War Release A Horde Of Dead Zombie Heads


It seems Puppets War are getting ahead of the zombie apocalypse with their new zombie heads.

Punga Miniatures Hook Themselves A Star Player


Punga Miniatures have shown off the star player of their Toa Orc players who will be joining them on Kickstarter in early 2018.

Monstrous New Minions & More For Privateer’s Hordes Coming Soon


Privateer Press continue to build on their world of Hordes with plenty of new sculpts for you to pick up across the board.

Uthuk Y’llan Army Expansion Now Available For RuneWars


Adding to the world of RuneWars from Fantasy Flight Games we now welcome (see run away from) the Uthuk Y’llan, an army of demonic and savage horrors ready to lay waste to the world.

Wyrd Oopsie Becomes Holiday Bonus In Winter Wonderland Box


In a Wyrd twist of fate (see what I did there?), they discovered an issue with the Alternate Rasputina sculpt for the Winter Wonderland box in the Black Friday sale. To make things right, Wyrd is adding another model to the box!

Anvil Eight Games Shows Off Part Of New Faction For Aetherium


Anvil Eight Games is working on their next faction for their Sci-fi game Aetherium.

MoMMiniaturas’ Necromancer Raises Zombies At Their Webstore


MoMMiniaturas have released their new Necromancer, along with five shambling zombies.

Weekender XLBS: BoW Christmas Wishlists; What's Hobby Santa Bringing You?

Weekender XLBS: BoW Christmas Wishlists; What’s Hobby Santa Bringing You?