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Think On Your Wishes With Zealot Miniatures’ Genie

4 days ago 4

Coming soon to grace your dungeon, Zealot Miniatures are going to be adding their Genie to their webstore. This grumpy looking fellow might grant you your heart’s desire or simply a blast of magic right to the face.

Prodos Bring Special Miniatures & AvP 2nd Edition To AdeptiCon 2017

5 days ago 27

Prodos Games are going to be at AdeptiCon 2017 and with them, they bring some special miniatures and some big news concerning Alien Vs Predator as the 2nd Edition becomes available for pre-order this week.

Jorogumo Ronin For Ninja All Stars Awaits The VIG’s At Adepticon

5 days ago 6

The VIG ninjas at Adepticon will be getting something extra from the Ninja Division stand this weekend. Stop by stand #58 with your VIG coupon for a free Jorogumo Ronin mini for Ninja All Stars.

Bog’s Minis Mushies Come Out Of The Undergrowth Onto Kickstarter

5 days ago 12

Bog’s Minis are a small company who have taken to Kickstarter looking for funding for their range of Mushies. These are, you guessed it, Mushroom people for your Fantasy games!

Warhammer Underworlds News & Khorne Warriors Book Coming Soon

5 days ago 29

Games Workshop has dropped a few more hints about what lies ahead for the Mortal Realms of Age Of Sigmar and Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire as well as a look ahead at a new Daemonic book for your Khorne worshippers.

Weekender: 4Ground's New Fantasy Game & Steampunky Age Of Sigmar Dwarfs

Weekender: 4Ground’s New Fantasy Game & Steampunky Age Of Sigmar Dwarfs

8 days ago 134

Join us to talk about the new 4Ground Miniatures Game AND some big Games Workshop news too!

Brawling Gundabad Trolls Battle Iron Hills Dwarves From Forge World

8 days ago 5

Forge World are bolstering the forces of both Evil and Good with some new releases for The Hobbit. Leading the way we have some new alternatives for the forces of Gundabad in the vein of armoured Trolls.

Infamy Show Off Their Clanking Steampunk Quaker Bot

9 days ago 2

Infamy shows off a rather awesome Steampunk creation as they preview some render work on their Quaker Robot for use in your tabletop escapades.

The Braying Of The Stormhorn Stagotaur Echoes From Megalith Games

9 days ago 10

A monstrous beast is storming its way onto the tabletop soon from Megalith Games for Godslayer. The Banebrood get themselves another titanic warrior in the shape of the Stormhorn Stagotaur…

The Bear Brute Comes To Life For The Cult Of Barnacle Bay By Red Panda

10 days ago 6

The Bear Brute has taken form, courtesy of the very talented sculpting of Patrick Keith. This baddie will be joining the ranks in the upcoming Wander: The Cult Of Barnacle Bay Kickstarter for Red Panda Miniatures.

Frostgrave’s Kornovik Mounts Up On His Woolly Rhino

10 days ago 9

If you’ve been enjoying the look of the Barbarians in Osprey’s Frostgrave then you’ll be happy to hear that one of the characters from the cover art, Kornovik, is getting his own miniature.

Wyrdness In The VIG Swag Bags At Adepticon

12 days ago 6

Wyrd is adding to the VIG Swag at Adepticon again this year with another of their fantastic Mystery Boxes! If that wasn’t cool enough, VIG’s will also get an early look at the Neverborn’s Will O’ The Wisps.

Take A Look At The Future Of The Dark Age Forsaken Faction Boxes

13 days ago 1

The Dark Age team has been giving us a few looks into the future of their faction boxes. The faction getting the treatment today is the Forsaken.

The Draugr Rise From Fenris Games On Kickstarter

13 days ago 2

Fenris Games took to Kickstarter recently to put together a fundraiser looking to bring a range of Draugr (Norse Undead) to the tabletop. Well, they’ve been doing rather well and it’s worth heading over to check out what they’ve been working on!

Genetic Rejects, Big Guns & Monstrous Flyers For The Freeborn Of Antares

15 days ago 9

It looks like Warlord Games has opened up the lab and unleashed some terrifying creatures onto the battlefield to fight for the Freeborn of Beyond The Gates Of Antares.