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Greebo Team Up With Crawling Chaos For A War Of Titans

14 hours ago 1

Crawling Chaos Games are teaming up with Greebo Games to bring out a new boxed game; War Titans Invaders Must Die.

A Hulking Monster Looms On The Horizon In Eden

1 day ago 2

Happy Games Factory have put out a sneak peak for a new miniature coming out in September for Eden.

A Victim Of MoMMiniaturas’ Evil Aliens Appears

2 days ago 2

MoMMiniatures have shown off a new, particularly disturbing model, which may have fallen victim to their race of aliens.

A Slimy Grootslang Slips Into Malifaux

3 days ago 3

The latest preview for Malifaux has revealed a horrifying creature for the Neverbron; the slimy skinned Grootslang.

The Shadow Demon Leader, Azalakar Takes Shape For Freeblades

3 days ago 2

DGS Games has previewed another creature for the world of Freeblades and this time he is a rather dangerous demonic presence.

Weekender XLBS: What Are Your Favourite Gaming Scenarios?

Weekender XLBS: What Are Your Favourite Gaming Scenarios?

5 days ago 110

Sit back and relax with
us as we delve into the
Weekender XLBS…

Weekender: Learning Farmer's Guild Tactics & Strange Dungeon Monsters On Kickstarter

Weekender: Learning Farmer’s Guild Tactics & Strange Dungeon Monsters On Kickstarter

6 days ago 33

We talk with Steamforged about
some tactics for the Farmer’s
Guild & More!

Dark Age Welcomes New Skarrd To Gen Con 2017

6 days ago 6

The minds behind Dark Age are bringing the Skarrd to the tabletop for Gen Con 2017. A new raft of releases will be coming out for you to check out.

Community Spotlight: Desert Vehicles, Tyranid Monsters & A Medieval Castle

6 days ago 13

A Demon Warrior Shudders Into Life From Marrow

7 days ago 6

If you’re a fan of the Journey: Wrath Of Demons game from Marrow Production then you might want to check out the work going into the White Bone Demon Warrior for the game…

Cthulhu Wars Onslaught Three Closes In On Final Days

7 days ago 4

Cthulhu Wars Onslaught Three is closing in on its finals days on Kickstarter.

Warploque Preview More Crazy Creatures From ArcWorlde

8 days ago 5

Adding to their expanding realm of ArcWorlde we got to see some more previews of what lies ahead from the folks at Warploque Miniatures.

Let's Play: Dark Souls - The Board Game [Part One]

Let’s Play: Dark Souls – The Board Game

10 days ago 16

Praise the sun!

The Rune Guardians Defend Dwarven Holds With MomMiniaturas

10 days ago 5

A set of mighty Rune Guardians brought up from the vaults of a Dwarven Hold, are defending it against attackers thanks to MomMiniaturas and their latest release.

Weekender XLBS: Bitz & Chits; What's Your Favourite Gaming Component?

Weekender XLBS: Bitz & Chits; What’s Your Favourite Gaming Component?

12 days ago 61

Get stuck into a Weekender
XLBS with us and talk
epic miniatures
and more!