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Superman Faces A Rogues Gallery Of His Foes From Knight Models

7 mins ago 0

Superman is part of the new releases for May by Knight Models for their DC Universe Game. However, he isn’t alone as he is now facing off against some of his more fearsome foes and his arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor.

Cerberos Becomes Part Of The Godslayer Battle Box

2 days ago 5

Megalith Games are looking ahead to a Kickstarter in September of this year for Godslayer. One aspect of this is the Battlebox which collects together starter forces for the game and one of the beasts within will be Cerberos here…

Weekender: New Fabled Realms Faction & Naval Wargaming At Midway

Weekender: New Fabled Realms Faction & Naval Wargaming At Midway

5 days ago 132

Pick Up New Expansions & Adventures For Super Dungeon Explore

5 days ago 5

Growing their delightful chibi world on the tabletop, Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division has been showing off some of the new releases from this month over on their webstore.

Early Mythic Battles: Pantheon Core Set Arrives From China

7 days ago 14

Mythic Games received a surprise in the post over the last few days as the first look at their Core Set arrived from China. See what you think of the glorious miniatures from Mythic Battles: Pantheon sitting snuggly in their tray.

New Tortured Trolls & Winged Allies Soon For The Hobbit By Forge World

8 days ago 7

Forge World are going to be releasing some new creations for the world of The Hobbit at Warhammer Fest this month.

The Retrosaurus Hunts Your Explorers From Antediluvian Miniatures

8 days ago 6

Antediluvian Miniatures has added to their Lost World range of models with a rather fantastic monstrous Allosaurus known as Retrosaurus for your Pulp adventures through time.

Explore More Of The Creepy & Odd Upcoming Grymkin

9 days ago 21

Adding to the weird and wonderful world of the Grymkin in Hordes, being added into the mix from Privateer Press, we have some amazing new sculpts to check out.

The Legendary Marie Laveau Takes Shape For Wild West Exodus

9 days ago 8

Coming to the tabletop in the near future, Warcradle showed off the new Legendary Marie Laveau for Wild West Exodus.

The Sea King Rumbles Into Hordes Soon From Privateer Press

10 days ago 11

If you’ve been waiting patiently for the Sea King for your Trollblood faction in Hordes by Privateer Press then you won’t have long to wait as it will be available on May 24th!

Weekender XLBS: Metal vs Plastic - We have a new Champ?!

Weekender XLBS: Metal vs Plastic – We have a new Champ?!

11 days ago 298

Forge World Breed A Rat Ogre Star Player For Blood Bowl

12 days ago 13

Forge World have put together one heck of an experiment as the Skaven of Blood Bowl get their new Star Player, the Rat Ogre known as Hakflem Skuttlespike.

Weekender: Future Blood & Plunder Crews + Win Massive RE-LOAD Prize

Weekender: Future Blood & Plunder Crews + Win Massive RE-LOAD Prize

12 days ago 200

We chat with Firelock Games
about the future of
Blood & Plunder
and much more!

Marrow Production Shows Off Stunning Painted Journey Monsters

13 days ago 6

Marrow Production continues to breathe life into their fantastic trip through Asian mythology, with Journey: Wrath of Demons. Have a look at the beautifully painted demons from Massive Voodoo.

Wizkids Releases Marvellous D&D Miniature Heroes & Monsters

16 days ago 20

We heard mutterings about this a while back, but today Wizkids made it official as they announced Nolzur’s Marvellous Miniatures, a line of unpainted, pre-primed Dungeons & Dragons miniatures!