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Explore The World Of Fallout With Modiphius & A New Miniatures Game!

7 hours ago 20

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare is on the cards in the near future from the folks at Modiphius.

Nightfolk & More Take Centre Stage From Northumbrian Tin Soldier

4 days ago 4

Northumbrian Tin Soldier has been showing off some of their fantastically characterful range of miniatures for both their Nightfolk collection and the Time Robbers.

New Grymkin Renders Show What’s Creeping Into Hordes

4 days ago 17

If you’re liking the look of the Grymkin from Privateer Press for Hordes then you’ll want to check out these new renders that appeared online showing off some of the upcoming characters and units available as the faction expands.

Black Scorpion Bring Fantasy Football Halflings To Salute 2017

5 days ago 2

If you’ve been liking the look of the Tombstone Kickstarter from Black Scorpion then you might want to stop in with them at Salute 2017 this weekend.

Warforged: First Contact Launches On Kickstarter

6 days ago 9

Warforged: First Contact has now launched on Kickstarter with a fantastic set of miniatures and a neat game concept!

Norba’s Hold Guardians Mount Their Bears Of War

6 days ago 7

Heading to the tabletop as a cavalry option for your Dwarf Armies Norba Miniatures has put together their new Hold Guardians.

Trollbloods & Convergence Get The Army Box 2017 Treatment

6 days ago 3

The Trollbloods and the Convergence from Privateer Press are the latest forces from Warmachine & Hordes to get themselves Army Box 2017 sets coming out.

Watchful I Studio To Bring A Stunning Terracotta War Dragon To Life

7 days ago 3

Watchful I Studio is heading to Kickstarter May 15th with their Terracotta Army project. This lovely line of 28mm Terracotta warriors not only look amazing but include some absolutely brilliant sculpts, including the Terracotta War Dragon!

The Wildborn Of Mythos Pose For A Group Shot

7 days ago 6

The fulfilment of the Mythos Kickstarter is rapidly approaching in May, and June will see the retail release! Paranoid Miniatures is beyond excited and ready to show off their hard work at Salute next weekend.

Weekender XLBS: Building Your Collection; Bespoke Miniatures Or Masses Of Plastic?

Weekender XLBS: Bespoke Miniatures Vs Masses Of Plastic?

8 days ago 66

Sit down and relax with us as we
talk skeletal hordes and building
up your collection with all
manner of miniatures.

The RuneWars: Miniatures Game Launches From Fantasy Flight Games

9 days ago 17

The RuneWars: Miniatures Game is now available for you to snap up from Fantasy Flight Games!

Weekender: GW's Community Commitment & What's Inside The Terrain Crate?

Weekender: GW’s Community Commitment & What’s Inside The Terrain Crate?

9 days ago 214
Community Spotlight: Bushido Gremlins, 6mm Armies & Monstrous Mythological Beasts

Community Spotlight: Bushido Gremlins, 6mm Armies & Monstrous Mythological Beasts

10 days ago 9

Come and join us for another delve into the awesomeness from the community.

The Grymkin Core Box Pops Up To Haunt The World Of Hordes

10 days ago 13

Privateer Press showed off the cover art for the new Core Box that the Grymkin will come in when they get released. This haunting and macabre set of creatures for Hordes will soon be tormenting the other factions in Immoren.

New Players & Salute Specials Coming To Guild Ball

12 days ago 6

If you’re following along with everything Guild Ball then you’ll know that Steamforged Games has just released Locus for the Engineer’s Guild.