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The Weekender: Arcworlde's Realms Explored & Win A Battle Foam Backpack

The Weekender: Arcworlde’s Realms Explored & Win A Battle Foam Backpack


Welcome to the December
fueled Weekender.

Deep-Cut’s New Mat Lays The Foundations For A Concrete Jungle


Deep-Cut Studios have released their latest mat design, laying down the concrete on which you can build your battles.

New Stretch Goals And Add-Ons Appear For The Core Space Kickstarter


With ten days left on the Kickstarter, Core Space is doing very well, with a host of free stretch goals and new add-ons making their appearance on Battle Systems’ blog.

Ninja And Samurai Clash In Test Of Honour’s Dojo Assault


Warlord Games have put the Dojo Assault set for Test of Honour up for pre-order.

DEEP-CUT STUDIO Add Grid Options To Their Custom Design Maps


DEEP-CUT STUDIO has gone a step further in bringing the ultimate customisable tabletop maps to gamers

Sarissa Open Up The Streets Of Rome


Run through streets, past shops, through fountains and take the Colosseum!

Terrain Showcase: Jesserai Industrial Set

Terrain Showcase: Jesserai Industrial Set


This massive terrain bundle
is up for grabs! Expand Their Selection Of Double-Sided Mats

7 have some new 6×4 double-sided game mats up for pre-order, taking your games to frozen winter realms, blasted battlegrounds, and desolate wastelands.

Join Hobgoblin-3D In The Tavern With New Kickstarter


Hobgoblin-3D has created a new 3D printable terrain for your fantasy game and they call it Tavern-Born™: Raghaven Hamlet – 3D Printable 28mm Terrain.

TTCombat Ruin Their Newest Urban Building


TTCombat have revealed a new ruined building to bring the post-apocalypse to your table.

The Elfheim Eagles Hit The Blood Bowl Pitch Next Week


Growing the range of different teams available to you in Blood Bowl, Games Workshop has shown off the Elfheim Eagles team and some of the accessories also coming your way next week.

Weekender: Win Galactic Terrain & Necromunda Exhumed!

Weekender: Win Galactic Terrain & Necromunda Exhumed!


Beasts of War 3rd Annual Awards coming soon!
LIVE Friday 1st December 9PM,
be there or be square!

Sarissa Build More Of Rome With New Terrain Previews


Building on Rome and indeed the terrain options available for Gangs Of Rome, Sarissa Precision showed off some of their new buildings.

Wander Through The Meadows With Deep-Cut Studio’s New Mat


Deep-Cut Studio has been showing off one of their new mats which is focused towards 15mm wargaming but there’s no reason you couldn’t use it larger scales too.

New Sci-Fi & Homeland Apocalypse Terrain Hits This Black Friday From 4Ground


4Ground has some awesome new releases in terms of terrain this month focusing in on both their Sci-Fi range, known as the Jesserai collection and the Homeland Apocalypse set which is ideal for Walking Dead, amongst other games.

Fill Up On Fossil Fuels From TTCombat’s Dinogas Station


TTCombat have previewed a new building they will be setting up for your apocalyptic wastelands; the Dinogas fuel station.

New Ruined Buildings & Massive Machines From Micro Art Studio


Collecting together two new terrain for you to use across Historical and Steampunk worlds, Micro Art Studio has now added both the Ruined Homestead and Cog Mechanism sets to their range.

New Alcazaba Communications Centre From Warsenal


Warsenal continues to make it easy to make your Infinity tables look AWESOME. Have a look at the latest multi-level terrain – the Alcazaba Communications Center


Exclusive! WIN A GameMat.EU Mat Perfect For Necromunda!


Come up with a name for the new GameMat.EU
Mat and you could win it for yourself!
Last Chance – Competition Ends On Friday!

Battle For The Good Plonk With Minairons Miniatures’ Wine Cellar


Minarions Miniatures has added a new resin terrain kit to their collection in 1/72 scale. See what you make of their Wine Cellar…