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New Soft Plastic Gauls & Gangsters From Warhansa

5 days ago 6

Warhansa has a pair of new soft plastic sets for you to snap up to use in your board games or wargames.

Necromunda Returns With Underhive Announcement

6 days ago 124

The return of Necromunda has been announced this weekend with the newly titled Underhive making its way back onto your tabletops in the future from Games Workshop.

Weekender XLBS: What Are Your Favourite Gaming Scenarios?

Weekender XLBS: What Are Your Favourite Gaming Scenarios?

7 days ago 110

Sit back and relax with
us as we delve into the
Weekender XLBS…

Inceptors Jump Into Combat Alongside New GW Basing Materials

7 days ago 30

Games Workshop has released their new set of pre-orders this weekend for Warhammer 40,000 and with that we now get the new Inceptor models for the Primaris Space Marines.

Weekender: Learning Farmer's Guild Tactics & Strange Dungeon Monsters On Kickstarter

Weekender: Learning Farmer’s Guild Tactics & Strange Dungeon Monsters On Kickstarter

7 days ago 33

We talk with Steamforged about
some tactics for the Farmer’s
Guild & More!

Dark Age Welcomes New Skarrd To Gen Con 2017

8 days ago 6

The minds behind Dark Age are bringing the Skarrd to the tabletop for Gen Con 2017. A new raft of releases will be coming out for you to check out.

Community Spotlight: Desert Vehicles, Tyranid Monsters & A Medieval Castle

8 days ago 14

A Demon Warrior Shudders Into Life From Marrow

9 days ago 6

If you’re a fan of the Journey: Wrath Of Demons game from Marrow Production then you might want to check out the work going into the White Bone Demon Warrior for the game…

Warploque Preview More Crazy Creatures From ArcWorlde

10 days ago 5

Adding to their expanding realm of ArcWorlde we got to see some more previews of what lies ahead from the folks at Warploque Miniatures.

Everything Epic Takes To KS With Secrets Of The Lost Station

10 days ago 5

Secrets of the Lost Station is a cooperative story game of Sci-Fi, action-adventure, and exploration.

Heer46 Band Together A New German Panzerfaust Team

11 days ago 4

Heer46 are looking to scare away enemy armour in World War II with a new German Panzerknacker ‘Armour Breaker’ Unit for use in your 28mm wargames.

New Synths & Effect Dice Previewed With Fallout Development Blog

11 days ago 3

Modiphius ran another Development Blog on Monday talking about the way in which the Effect Dice work in Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

Games Workshop Celebrate 30 Years Of Warhammer 40,000

11 days ago 24

Games Workshop is celebrating thirty years of Warhammer 40,000 with a new Primaris Sergeant which will be available on the 2nd, September.

Let's Play: Dark Souls - The Board Game [Part One]

Let’s Play: Dark Souls – The Board Game

12 days ago 16

Praise the sun!

Infinity Sneak Peek: Shikami

Infinity Sneak Peek: Shikami

12 days ago 8

Check out the deadly Shikami
coming in September!