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Face The Fearsome Death Knights In A New RuneWars Expansion

10 hours ago 4

Fantasy Flight Games has been showing off more of what lies ahead for the Waiqar as RuneWars continues to build up a head of steam (or should that be necromantic magic?) this year.

The Gallic Cavalry Thunder Into Victrix’s Collection Soon

10 hours ago 3

Victrix are looking ahead to the enemies of Rome once more as they show off these Gallic Cavalry options which will be marshalling to take the fight to the Empire in the future.

Let's Play: Wolsung - Wild Night In Town

Let’s Play: Wolsung – Wild Night In Town

11 hours ago 1

Battlefront Miniatures To Offer New Plastics For Flames Of War

20 hours ago 8

Battlefront Miniatures announces new material for infantry and gun crews in Flames Of War.

The Warhounds Are Set Loose By Footsore Miniatures

3 days ago 6

Footsore Miniatures has added some new collections to their range for use in your SAGA games. Both the Picts/Scots and the Irish are getting a pack of Warhounds to put to good use.

Grab Yourself The New Age Of Sigmar Skirmish Rules & Warbands

3 days ago 43

Games Workshop has now put together pre-orders allowing you to snap up the Age Of Sigmar Skirmish Rules, acting as a great entry point into the world of Age Of Sigmar and Warhammer in general.

Dastardly Villains & Arch Enemies Arrive For Warlord’s Doctor Who

3 days ago 3

Venturing into the Time Vortex, Doctor Who is getting a couple of new boxed sets for use with Exterminate! from Warlord Games.

Forge World Mount Up In Their New Iron Hills Dwarf Chariot

3 days ago 9

Forge World has now begun taking pre-orders for their new Iron Hills Dwarf Chariot which will also be available at Warhammer Fest next weekend too as part of The Hobbit range.

Priests & Arcanites Support Scyrah With Warmachine Releases

3 days ago 9

Privateer Press has added two more kits to their website for fans of Retribution of Scyrah.

Community Spotlight: A Battlegroup Army, Insane Infinity Characters & Armoured Behemoths

Community Spotlight: A Battlegroup Army, Insane Infinity Characters & Armoured Behemoths

3 days ago 11

Dark Age Releases For May Include New Master Rulebook

4 days ago 6

Dark Age welcomes another raft of releases this month to add to their world of desperate danger and turmoil. Leading the way, however, is something a little more ordered as they have a new Master Rulebook for you to snap up.

Pick Up New Expansions & Adventures For Super Dungeon Explore

4 days ago 5

Growing their delightful chibi world on the tabletop, Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division has been showing off some of the new releases from this month over on their webstore.

Field A Fantasy Football Team Of 17th Century Tercios

4 days ago 3

Why not bring some 17th Century character out onto the table? El Kracken Released has The Fantasy Football Tercios Team on Kickstarter right now.

Empress Continues On The Spanish American War With 1898 Miniatures

4 days ago 1

Empress Miniatures continues to produce amazing miniatures for such a wide variety of historical events such as these soldiers for the Spanish-American War.

Megalith Bring New Boosters To Godslayer Factions

4 days ago 2

Megalith Games are adding some new boosters to their collection for use with Godslayer.