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Weekender XLBS: What’s Your Next Big Project?

8 hours ago 21

Welcome to Backstage where we
relax, talk about what hobby we’ve
been up to and discuss some topics
maybe you’d like to feedback on.

Weekender: Time Of Legends - Joan Of Arc; What's It All About?

Weekender: Time Of Legends – Joan Of Arc; What’s It All About?

1 day ago 73

We’ve got an awesome Weekender lined up for you today as we have Leo from Mythic Games in the studio talking about Time Of Legends: Joan Of Arc!

Wonder Woman & The Amazons Lead The Way For Knight Models In July

2 days ago 9

Making her way onto the tabletop for the end of June and beginning of July Knight Models has sculpted up a great version of Wonder Woman for you to use in the DC Universe Miniatures Game.

New Adventurers Head Out On A Journey From Splintered Light

3 days ago 1

Sculpted by Ben Seins the folks at Splintered Light Miniatures are going to be welcoming some new 15mm Adventurers and more to the tabletop soon.

Horde’s Grymkin Invade With New Tales Become Reality In July & August

3 days ago 19

It looks like if you’re a fan of the way the Grymkin are looking then you’re in for a treat throughout July and August of this year.

Mennes’ Mini Mashup: Trollkin Fur Clothing – Part One

3 days ago 4

The Trollkin are getting a fashionable upgrade in this Mennes’ Mini Mashup.

Bad Squiddo Games Summons Undead Shieldmaidens

3 days ago 1

Adding themselves to the ranks of the undead, raised from their barrows by foul necromancy or maybe to enact revenge, Bad Squiddo Games has some great Undead Shieldmaidens!

Knight Model’s Parliament Of Owls Assembles To Take Down Batman

4 days ago 5

Knight Models has assembled a new preview of what’s coming soon to the Batman Miniatures Game. Here we have the Parliament Of Owls, each of them seeking to take Batman’s head.

Blood & Plunder: No Peace Beyond The Line Kickstarter Launches!

4 days ago 44

New crews and ships do battle in the expansion to Blood & Plunder called No Peace Beyond The Line. The Kickstarter has now gone live from Firelock Games…

Reaper Gives A Heads Up On July Releases & A Mighty Dragon

4 days ago 10

Reaper Miniatures have given us a look ahead to what’s coming in July of this year and it appears as if it’s going to be a lot of undead shambling around!

New Plastic Goblins 3Ups Previewed From North Star

5 days ago 13

North Star has shown off some sneaky peeks at the Goblins that are going to become a plastic set in the near future.

1930′s British Soldiers Get Ready For War With Empress Miniatures

5 days ago 3

Empress Miniatures has now added some new British Soldiers into the mix from the period of the 1930′s. This set might be great for those looking to play out Early World War II battles but also theoretical engagements like Operation Sea Lion.

Infinity Sneak Peek: Zhanying Imperial Agents

5 days ago 4

Check out the Zhánying Imperial Agents coming to Infinity in July!

The Lannisters Send Their Regards With New CMON Previews

5 days ago 8

CMON are showing off more of the models for A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game with a look at the Lannisters this time around. Here we have Jaime Lannister leading the way…

A Chaos Dwerg Starter Set Causes Bedlam From Fenris Games

6 days ago 5

Designed by Delany King the folks at Fenris Games have now added the Chaos Dwerg Starter Set to their webstore for you to snap up.