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Heavy Gear Skirmisher Model Previewed Ahead Of New Kickstarter

3 hours ago 0

The team at Dream Pod 9 have been previewing some of the work going into their next Kickstarter for the world of Heavy Gear Blitz. Here we have one of the Peace River Skirmishers that will be coming to the campaign.

The Gorilla Mech Stomps Into Battle From Rebel Minis

6 days ago 3

Rebel Minis has now added another Animech to their collection of 15mm Sci-Fi awesomeness. Here we have the Gorilla Mech!

Weekender XLBS: 15mm Dungeon Crawling & BoW Become A Star Ship Crew!

Weekender XLBS: 15mm Dungeon Crawling & BoW Become A Star Ship Crew!

11 days ago 64

Community Spotlight: Mighty Elementals, Ancient Skirmishers & A Snarling Helbrute

13 days ago 6

Come and join us for another round of fantastic work from our community in the Hobby & Painting Forum.

The Wolf Spider & Cybertronic Nova Pre-Orders Open For Warzone Gamers

14 days ago 2

Prodos Games has now made two new kits available to pre-order for those getting stuck into Warzone: Resurrection. Leaping out first we have the Wolf Spider…

A Massive Mecha Stomps Into Battle From Puppets War

15 days ago 3

Puppets War is stomping into battle soon with their absolutely massive Mecha which you can check out below scaled against some of the other components on offer by them.

Does The New Space Marine Redemptor Dreadnought Appeal To You?

31 days ago 25

Games Workshop, during Warhammer Fest, showed off a sneaky look at their new Redemptor Dreadnought for the Space Marines of the new edition and Warhammer 40,000.


Grab 50% Off Special Infinity Army Bundles & Fight For Strikezone: Wotan

31 days ago 26
Community Spotlight: A Fiery Dropzone Army, Campaign Ready Infinity & Snarling Minotaurs

Community Spotlight: A Fiery Dropzone Army, Campaign Ready Infinity & Snarling Minotaurs

34 days ago 11

Check out an excellent Dropzone Commander army in this round of Community Spotlights!

40k Charted: 30k Project - Dreadnoughts

40k Charted: 30k Project – Dreadnoughts

45 days ago 13

Justin, John and AJ
continue their journey
through their 30k Project.

Prodos Begin The Armoured Assault In Warzone: Resurrection

50 days ago 8

Prodos Games are powering up all manner of big armoured beasties for the tabletop as part of a new range of vehicles for Warzone: Resurrection.

Phantom Gunslingers, Commanders & More For Warmachine

54 days ago 7

Privateer Press look towards some more new miniatures for the world of Warmachine drawing on the forces of Cryx first with the Hellslinger Phantom.

A Host Of Retribution Heroes & More Hit For Warmachine

55 days ago 14

A whole collection of new heroes, units and more are coming your way for Retribution over the course of June from Privateer Press.

Contemptors For The Space Wolves & Thousand Sons Arrive

61 days ago 10

Forge World has put together two new Contemptor Dreadnoughts for you to use with the Legions of the Space Wolves and the Thousand Sons.

Napoleon Past & Antares Future Appear In Warlord’s Previews

65 days ago 10

Warlord Games have a couple of new models for both the Napoleonic era and the far future of Gates of Antares.