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Community Spotlight: Cool Khador, Vikings & Bloodthirsty Khorne Bloodbound

Community Spotlight: Cool Khador, Vikings & Bloodthirsty Khorne Bloodbound

Weekender Win A Dragon Spread

Weekender: Win An Epic Joan Of Arc Dragon & Resident Evil 2 Exclusive News


Antenociti’s Workshop Show Off The Finished Bobcat Walker


Antenociti’s Workshop has been showing off the finished render work for the Bobcat Walker as part of their USIMF Kickstarter.

Final Few Days For Empire Of Men On Kickstarter


Take a look at some of the models for Empire Of Men as the Kickstarter campaign closes in on its final days.

The Luft Heinrich Watches The Skies In DUST 1947


Keeping an eye on the skies for the Luftwaffe in DUST 1947 we have the Luft Heinrich which has been designed in the Kondor Pattern and newly released this month

The Japanese Get Weird World War Konflikt ’47 Reinforcements


Warlord Games has revealed the new units coming your way for the Japanese as part of Konflikt ’47, their take on Weird World War alongside Clockwork Goblin.

More Trenchers & Towering Protectorate Colossals For Warmachine


Privateer Press has some additional reinforcements on the way for the forces of Cygnar and the Protectorate with their upcoming releases arriving throughout November in Warmachine.

Check Out The Infinity Releases Hitting In October

Check Out The Infinity Releases Hitting In October


Come and take a look at the Infinity
releases coming in October!

Trencher Themed Force & More Battle On In Warmachine


Delve into the world of Warmachine once more with the Cygnar forces and their Trenchers as they get themselves a Themed Force from Privateer Press which looks awesome.

Zevanna Agha Casts Her Spells For Hordes’ Grymkin Soon


Zevanna Agha is now scheduled for release this month to support the continued tide of Grymkin hitting the tabletop for Hordes by Privateer Press.

The Dwarf Steel Behemoth Stomps Into Kings Of War From Mantic


Mantic Games has shown off a big brute of a war machine coming to the tabletop for the Dwarfs of Kings Of War. See what you make of the Steel Behemoth.

Hobby VLOG: Updating Our T'au Army - Part 5

Hobby VLOG: Updating Our T’au Army – Part 5


Privateer’s Special Christmas Miniature Previews Hit The Internet


Privateer Press is going to be doing their Twelve Days Of Christmas model selection again this year and we’ve got a sneaky look at what they might be thanks to Party Foul once again.

The Abyssinian Dreadnought Stomps Over Wyrd’s Other Side


Wyrd have previewed the latest titan to come stomping over the fields of The Other Side, the Dreadnought of Abyssinia.

Weekender XLBS: I.P Freely; Tabletop Game Swapsies

Weekender XLBS: I.P Freely; Tabletop Game Swapsies

Exclusive Infinity Sneak Peek: Blackjacks, 10th Heavy Ranger Bat

Exclusive Infinity Sneak Peek: Blackjacks, 10th Heavy Ranger Bat


Here we have the very
awesome looking Blackjacks,
10th Heavy Ranger Bat!

Warmill’s New Construction Droid Goes Homicidal


Warmill has been working away on a few model kits for a while now that take you beyond their terrain selection. Here we have their latest preview for the Construction Droid…

Mantic Games Shows Off New Faction For Deadzone


Mantic Games is releasing a new faction for Deadzone, the GCPS. These hard charging Marines are ready to kick butt and chew bubble gum and they are all out of gum!

FFG Talk Skirmish Options In Star Wars: Imperial Assault’s New Expansion


Fantasy Flight Games has been showcasing more of their new expansion for Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Heart Of The Empire. This time the focus is on skirmishing and what the new expansion adds to the game.

New Sci-Fi Wargame, Forge Of Destiny Coming Soon


A new Sci-Fi game is on the cards, Forge Of Destiny. With a few interesting mechanics in the mix, this might be one to take notice of when it comes to its funding platform in the near future.