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Napoleonic Russians And Spanish Invade Perry Miniatures’ Sculpting Bench

11 days ago 2

Perry Miniatures have shown off a couple of WiP sculpts that will be joining the expansive battles of the Napoleonic era.

The Heroes Of Rorke’s Drift Defend Perry’s Webstore

39 days ago 4

Perry Miniatures have released two new sets of character models letting you bring out the Heroes of Rorke’s Drift to reenact their famous stand.

Solve A Whitehall Mystery In New FFG Board Game

39 days ago 3

Fantasy Flight Games are inviting you back into the dark streets of London with Whitehall Mystery, a new addition to the Letters From Whitechapel game series.

Weekender XLBS: Metal vs Plastic - We have a new Champ?!

Weekender XLBS: Metal vs Plastic – We have a new Champ?!

69 days ago 302
Community Spotlight: Foam Terrain, Hanoverians & Ork Mobs

Community Spotlight: Foam Terrain, Hanoverians & Ork Mobs

70 days ago 6

We’re back with another round of Community Spotlight picks for you as we detail three more projects that caught our eye.

Perry Miniatures Begin Work On The Heroes Of Rorke’s Drift

72 days ago 8

Perry Miniatures has been adding to their Rorke’s Drift and Zulu Wars collection with the Heroes of Rorke’s Drift that you might recognise!

Perry’s Chasseurs A Cheval & Zulu Warriors Coming Soon In Plastic

87 days ago 7

At Salute this year one of the previews from Perry Miniatures showed off some of their 3-Ups for new Napoleonic cavalry options and some Zulu Warriors.

The American Civil War Is In The Cards With North Vs. South On Kickstarter

88 days ago 3

If you are interested in the American Civil War and looking at games based on this time period, why not take a look at this new game on Kickstarter.

Dark Ops’ 28mm Ironclad Guards Your Steampunk Waterways

92 days ago 7

Dark Ops has shown off their rather epic looking 28mm Ironclad, the USS Monitor, which would be great for your Steampunk games on the tabletop or indeed the American Civil War.

Perry Prepare Greens For The Egyptian Campaign

102 days ago 1

Perry Miniatures are working on a bunch of new miniatures to help you play out the French Campaign in Egypt.

Weekender: Andy Chambers Unveils Warforged: First Contact & BoW Awards 2016 Begin

Weekender: Andy Chambers Unveils Warforged: First Contact & BoW Annual Awards Begin!

105 days ago 50

Join us for an awesome Weekender
packed with news, interviews and
the announcement of the BoW
Gaming Awards 2016.

Perry’s Plastic Zulu War British Set Coming Soon

108 days ago 5

The Perry Miniatures chaps have now added their new Zulu War British to their webstore so you can head off on some Empire building battles out in Africa.

Empress Has New Offerings For The Indian Mutiny & Spanish-American War

128 days ago 1

Empress Miniatures continues to offer some amazing miniatures for a great variety of settings. Take a look at these new offerings.

1864 Danish Dragoons Available Now From North Star

147 days ago 7

If you’re riding out to do battle during the Second Schleswig War then you’re going to need yourself some cavalry. How about the Danish Dragoons from North Star?

Union Soldiers In Great Coats March Into Kickstarter

152 days ago 3

ACW Gamer: Ezine is hitting Kickstarter to bring forth troops in Great Coats.