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Saladin Leads The A Crusading Army From FireForge

16 days ago 5

FireForge Games has now added another character to their webstore who will lead the Armies Of Islam. See what you make of Saladin.

Rain Down Arrows With Khurasan’s 14th Century Bowmen

19 days ago 1

Khurasan is showing off some new 15mm scale additions to their Historical collection with these 14th Century Longbowmen who are going to be raining down arrows on the battlefield.

Armoured Medieval Leaders Hit The Battlefield From 1st Corps

40 days ago 2

1st Corps and Curteys Miniatures has added some new metal Medieval Knights to their collection, each of them leaders in their own right.

FireForge Preview Plastic Byzantine Warriors Coming Soon

56 days ago 16

FireForge has given us a heads-up as to what is coming from them next and it looks like we’re heading to Byzantium with their new plastic warrior box.

A New Campaign For Test Of Honour The Samurai Miniatures Game

66 days ago 6

There is a new campaign for Test of Honour from Warlord Games.

The Jarl of Sweden Appears At FireForge Games

69 days ago 7

Fireforge Games have released a new hero figure from the annals of Swedish history, the statesmen Birgen Jarl.

4Ground Show Off What Terrain Is Coming To Salute

72 days ago 8

4Ground are building on their terrain collection for not only their existing ranges but also the future of The Legends Of Fabled Realms too.

Let's Play: Test Of Honour

Let’s Play: Test Of Honour – The Samurai Miniatures Game

90 days ago 28
Weekender XLBS: The Daring Raid Of St Nazaire & What's Next For Warlord Games?

Weekender XLBS: The Daring Raid Of St Nazaire & What’s Next For Warlord Games?

91 days ago 142

We’re back for our Backstage chat
as we delve into the world
of tabletop gaming
once more on
The Weekender XLBS.

Venetian Casas Are Under Construction By TTCombat

93 days ago 7

TTCombat has been tinkering away on plenty more of their Venetian terrain for use with the world of Carnevale. Their latest prototypes include these Venetian Casas which will line the waterways.

Community Spotlight: Fresh Water Challenge Runners-Up

Community Spotlight: Fresh Water Challenge Runners-Up

93 days ago 10

Join us as we show off some of the Runners-Up from our recent Fresh Water Challenge.

Warlord Games Show Off A Slice Of Test Of Honour Gameplay

100 days ago 31

If you’ve been interested in following Test Of Honour, the new Samurai miniatures game from Warlord Games, then you might want to check out this slice of gameplay which popped up on Youtube from the team.

FireForge’s Scandinavian Infantry Finalised & Ready For Battle

100 days ago 10

FireForge Games has now finalised their Scandinavian Infantry for use in your Medieval ventures on the tabletop. The set comes with plenty of options for weapons and they’re looking like a fearsome warband.

28mm Vikings & 40mm Knights Fight On From V&V Miniatures

104 days ago 5

Expanding their collection, even more, the folks at V&V Miniatures has now added a couple of additional sets to their webstore over the last week or so.

FireForge Mount Up & Preview Upcoming Albion Knights

104 days ago 3

Expanding upon their Fantasy range FireForge Games showed off some of their new models that will be gracing the tabletop with a plastic set in the Autumn of 2017. Here we have the Albion Knights.