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Weekender XLBS: What Are Your Favourite Gaming Scenarios?

Weekender XLBS: What Are Your Favourite Gaming Scenarios?

7 days ago 110

Sit back and relax with
us as we delve into the
Weekender XLBS…

Community Spotlight: Desert Vehicles, Tyranid Monsters & A Medieval Castle

8 days ago 14

TRE Games Build Up Their Japanese Yagura Ichi Tower

10 days ago 4

TRE Games show off their new Japanese Yagura Ichi Tower which could be dropped into any of your games in 28mm scale.

14th Century Men At Arms Fight For Their Khurasan Lords

15 days ago 5

Khurasan Miniatures has shown off some of their new Men-At-Arms which have joined their 14th Century range in 15mm scale. Check them out…

Footsore Bolster The Forces Of The Moorish Tribes

17 days ago 3

Building on their range of Dark Age and Medieval armies the folks at Footsore Miniatures have now added some Moorish and Arabic warriors to their collection. We’ll kick off with the Moorish Tribal Warriors.

Z-Man Games Announce Magnificent New Game

17 days ago 6

Z-Man Games announce Majesty: For the Realm, a new game from designer Marc André.

FireForge Blow Their Own Trumpet With Byzantine WiPs

17 days ago 7

FireForge Games have shown off a pair of new WiPs, musicians ready to sound the call to battle.

Dunkirk Themed Giant In Miniature New From Wargames Illustrated

36 days ago 4

Wargames Illustrated has shown off one of their new Giants In Miniature for their Historical collection and he’s themed after the new Dunkirk movie that is coming soon.

Saladin Leads The A Crusading Army From FireForge

71 days ago 5

FireForge Games has now added another character to their webstore who will lead the Armies Of Islam. See what you make of Saladin.

Rain Down Arrows With Khurasan’s 14th Century Bowmen

74 days ago 1

Khurasan is showing off some new 15mm scale additions to their Historical collection with these 14th Century Longbowmen who are going to be raining down arrows on the battlefield.

Armoured Medieval Leaders Hit The Battlefield From 1st Corps

95 days ago 2

1st Corps and Curteys Miniatures has added some new metal Medieval Knights to their collection, each of them leaders in their own right.

FireForge Preview Plastic Byzantine Warriors Coming Soon

111 days ago 16

FireForge has given us a heads-up as to what is coming from them next and it looks like we’re heading to Byzantium with their new plastic warrior box.

A New Campaign For Test Of Honour The Samurai Miniatures Game

121 days ago 6

There is a new campaign for Test of Honour from Warlord Games.

The Jarl of Sweden Appears At FireForge Games

124 days ago 7

Fireforge Games have released a new hero figure from the annals of Swedish history, the statesmen Birgen Jarl.

4Ground Show Off What Terrain Is Coming To Salute

127 days ago 8

4Ground are building on their terrain collection for not only their existing ranges but also the future of The Legends Of Fabled Realms too.