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Superman Faces A Rogues Gallery Of His Foes From Knight Models

7 mins ago 0

Superman is part of the new releases for May by Knight Models for their DC Universe Game. However, he isn’t alone as he is now facing off against some of his more fearsome foes and his arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor.

Scibor Set Off In A Fabulous Dwarven Flying Machine

51 mins ago 0

Scibor has been getting ready for a wonderful flying trip aboard their new Dwarf Flying Machine. This is still a work in progress piece but it’s looking rather snazzy.

Join BoW Lance For A Livestream Paint Session Tonight 8pm!

6 hours ago 5

If you just can’t wait for Hobby Night Live tomorrow make sure to check out BoW Lance (lancorz) on Twitch tonight from 8pm for another Painting Livestream.


Grab 50% Off Special Infinity Army Bundles & Fight For Strikezone: Wotan

9 hours ago 16

Wave Two Releases Coming Soon For Mantic’s Walking Dead World

9 hours ago 2

Mantic Games are looking to bring more Walking Dead to the tabletop for you with their Wave Two Collection which is available for you to pre-order now on their webstore.

El Kraken Released Has Unlocked Add Ons For Their Tercios Team

9 hours ago 0

The Fantasy Football Tercios Team Kickstarter from El Kraken Released has gotten some new add ons unlocked with the promise of stretch goals heading this way. What team would be complete without some cheerleaders, and only nun cheerleaders would cheer for the Tercios!

Guillotine Games Reveals Cover Art For Zombicide Green Horde

12 hours ago 1

The next installment for the Zombicide universe drops on Kickstarter May 30th, and it’s looking epic! Guillotine Games and CMON are showing off the fantastic cover art for Zombicide Green Horde and by the looks of things, zombie orcs are making a mess of things.

Freebooter Preview What’s Coming With Debonn Concepts

1 day ago 4

Freebooter Miniatures are looking ahead to more characters joining their pirate crews in their wonderful Fantasy world. Here we have some of their Debonn Previews including this lass first…

Descend Into Hell With RN EStudio’s Hades

1 day ago 3

RN EStudio is descending into Hell with their version of Hades which is available on their webstore. However (at the time of writing) there are only a few copies of the model left!

What Are Your Thoughts On Lion Tower’s Stalwart Paladin?

1 day ago 8

Lion Tower Miniatures completed their awesome Fantasy Adventurers Kickstarter a few months ago and The Hairy Painter is sculpting up one of their heroes

The Iguan Poacher Goes Hunting In Metal King’s RelicBlade

1 day ago 0

Metal King Studio has been building up its game, RelicBlade, over the last few months and it’s growing into quite the community. Looking ahead they have just finished work on the Iguan Poacher, ready to go hunting.

Warmachine’s Spears Of Scyrah Strike From Privateer Press

1 day ago 5

Building on the Retribution of Scyrah from Warmachine, Privateer Press has now added the Spears of Scyrah to their webstore. They will be available June 14th…

Get A Peek At New Fallout Character Renders From Modiphius

1 day ago 16

Modiphius has been working away on more teasers and previews for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and three new characters popped up over the last few days

New Infinity Releases For June 2017 Revealed!

New Infinity Releases For June 2017 Revealed!

1 day ago 10

We’re back looking at the world of Infinity as we prepare for June and a new host of releases to get you excited.

New Edition Of Warhammer 40,000 Coming June 17th

1 day ago 90

The new edition of Warhammer 40,000 from Games Workshop will go on pre-order June 3rd with a release date later that month of June 17th.