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Build German Blitz or Maultier with Warlord Games New Kit for Bolt Action

20 mins ago 0

Warlord Games have a new German hard plastic kit for Bolt Action that can be built as an Opel Blitz truck or Opel Maultier half-track.

Wargames Foundry Release Collectable Box Sets

4 hours ago 3

Wargames Foundry releases 28mm metal miniature sets covering a range of settings

Hasslefree Ready A Stern Scifi Soldier

10 hours ago 0

Hasslefree Minis have previewed a new scifi soldier in a suitably stern pose.

Maggie & Glenn In Wave Three For Mantic Games The Walking Dead: All Out War

1 day ago 3

As part of their Wave Three previews for The Walking Dead: All Out War, Mantic Games have shown off some upcoming minis with our favourite zombie apocalypse couple Maggie & Glenn

Odin The Adventurer Hits The Road From Gorgon Studios

1 day ago 3

Odin and his apprentice are out seeking adventure with these 28mm metal figures

Fantasy Flight Games Let Loose Waiqar the Undying’s Cruel Cavalry

1 day ago 4

The Waiqar get a hard hitting and terrifying fast attack option

A Hulking Monster Looms On The Horizon In Eden

1 day ago 2

Happy Games Factory have put out a sneak peak for a new miniature coming out in September for Eden.

The Tribune Steps Into Arena Rex This GenCon

1 day ago 4

Red Republic Games have put up the stat card for the Tribune, one of the new warriors stepping into Arena Rex at this year’s GenCon.

A Victim Of MoMMiniaturas’ Evil Aliens Appears

2 days ago 2

MoMMiniatures have shown off a new, particularly disturbing model, which may have fallen victim to their race of aliens.

Crocodile Games Produce New Abominable Snowman Kit

2 days ago 12

Moving from metal to resin shaves off weight and cost, while adding in some detail to this snowbeast

Warsenal Games Opens Up Infinity Buildings With More Xiguan Spider District Pieces

2 days ago 11

Warsenal add to their extensive Infinity range with some wonderfully detailed buildings as part of their Xiguan Spider District Collection

Puppets War Fire Off A Barrage Of Missiles From Their Latest Turret

2 days ago 3

Puppets War have released another of their MK IV Turrets, this one a Missile Turret for when you need to make as many things go boom as possible.

Decorate Your Dungeon With TTCombat’s Upcoming RPG Terrain

2 days ago 2

TTCombat are preparing to fill up those fantasy dungeons with some new additions to their RPG range.

Some Strange New Folks Be Wanderin’ Into Blackwater Gulch

2 days ago 0

Gangfight Games are adding some new characters to their wild west horror game Blackwater Gulch.

A Slimy Grootslang Slips Into Malifaux

3 days ago 3

The latest preview for Malifaux has revealed a horrifying creature for the Neverbron; the slimy skinned Grootslang.