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The Barbed Crawlers Hunt In The Other Side


Wyrd Games have previewed the grunt troops of the Gibbering Horde in The Other Side, the Barbed Crawlers.

The Weekender XLBS: Warren's Christmas Horn & Legacy games are da bomb!

The Weekender XLBS: Warren’s Christmas Horn & Legacy games are da bomb!


Shield your eyes as
Warren gets his horn out!

The Weekender: Arcworlde's Realms Explored & Win A Battle Foam Backpack

The Weekender: Arcworlde’s Realms Explored & Win A Battle Foam Backpack


Welcome to the December
fueled Weekender.

Steamforged Games Preview Blackjaw For Upcoming Godtear


Meet the might of Blackjaw in Godtear

Para Bellum Showcase “The Spires” For Conquest


New faction detail for Para Bellum’s Conquest

The Immortals Arrive In Eden From Happy Games Factory


Eden welcome some new Immortal faction minis

Warcradle Introduce The Deadly Seven And Host Another Q&A


Some new outlaws come riding into Wild West Exodus plus your chance to question the Warcradle team

Modiphius Shows Off Studio Painted Super Mutants Of Fallout


Modiphius has done a brilliant job ramping up excitement for their upcoming Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. Check out the amazing studio painted Super Mutants up for preorder right now.

Megalith Games Bring Olympian Fury With The Halodynes Avatar


Megalith Games have revealed the concept for the Halodynes Avatar, the Olympian Fury.

Siren Miniatures Welcomes A Fantasy Knight To Their Range


Siren Miniatures build their ranks with a new Eagle Guard

New Stretch Goals And Add-Ons Appear For The Core Space Kickstarter


With ten days left on the Kickstarter, Core Space is doing very well, with a host of free stretch goals and new add-ons making their appearance on Battle Systems’ blog.

Privateer Press Bring Some Northern Spirits In The Hearthgut Hooch Hauler


It seems that Privateer Press’ Northkin are getting the party started on the battlefield next year as their Hearthgut Hooch Hauler rumbles into view.

Kromlech’s Apothecary and Engineer Speed Out On Breacher Bikes


Kromlech have released two new bundles, sending out their Legionary Apothecary and Engineer on hefty breacher bikes.

Fiendish Football Players and Barbarian Santas Appear At Greebo Games


Greebo Games are getting into the Christmas spirit with a seasonal concept, along with a WiP for their upcoming Alastoran Kickstarter.

Micro Art Sacrifice Sausages To Discworld Deity Offler


Micro Art Studios have a new model joining their range of Discworld miniatures; none other than one of its large pantheon of gods, Offler the Crocodile God.

Scibor Start Sculpting A Templar of Tomorrow


Scibor have a WiP they are showing off, a new character model for their scifi super soldiers.

Punga’s Second Orc Blocker Joins The Team


Punga have finished up the second orc blocker for their new team of tropical island tribal orcs.

Bad Roll Send Two New Releases Into Their Punkapocalyptic World


Bad Roll Games have two new December releases now available on their webstore for the strange world of Punkapocalyptic.

Let's Play: Mythic Battles - The Hot Gates

Let’s Play: Mythic Battles – The Hot Gates


It’s Leo Vs Justin on the Thermopylae Battlefield!

Poison Ivy Pops Up As A Villain In Monolith’s Batman Board Game


Monolith Edition previewed another of their models coming as a part of Batman: The Board Game. Here we meet the villainous Poison Ivy.