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Zenit’s Japanese Undead Army Starter Available Now

19 hours ago 3

Zenit Miniatures are adding more to their Kensei and Torii collection with a new set allowing you to get started in their world. Here we have the Undead Army shambling forth to seek revenge.

Great Opportunity To Get In Touch With Your Inner Malifaux Wyrdo

1 day ago 1

Have you been thinking about making the leap over into the creative world of game design? Wyrd Games is on the hunt for a full time game designer, and is offering a fantastic opportunity for the right enthusiastic individual.

Unleashing Wrath Of Kings: Little Piggies Are Off To Market

Unleashing Wrath Of Kings: Little Piggies Are Off To Market

1 day ago 4


Unleashing Wrath of Kings XLBS: Favouring Movement For Victory Points

1 day ago 3

In this episode, Bryan is favouring the key movement strategy of his faction to expect Victory points later in the game.

Knuckleduster’s Newest Wild West Gangs Now Available

3 days ago 1

Knuckleduster Miniatures has now released their wave of new models and terrain for your Wild West games.

A Wickedly Awesome Angel Joins The Ranks Of Purgatory

3 days ago 1

Have a look at the latest amazing artwork that turned up for The War For Heaven – Purgatory. Lucretia promises to be a wickedly awesome angel and plenty of trouble for her foes on the tabletop.


Weekender XLBS: What’s Your Next Big Project?

4 days ago 49

Welcome to Backstage where we
relax, talk about what hobby we’ve
been up to and discuss some topics
maybe you’d like to feedback on.

Weekender: Time Of Legends - Joan Of Arc; What's It All About?

Weekender: Time Of Legends – Joan Of Arc; What’s It All About?

5 days ago 85

We’ve got an awesome Weekender lined up for you today as we have Leo from Mythic Games in the studio talking about Time Of Legends: Joan Of Arc!

Mighty Nordgaard Viking Huskarls Take Shape For Godslayer

6 days ago 8

If you’re a fan of the Nordgaard from Godslayer by Megalith Games then you might want to save some pocket money for these Nordgaard Viking Huskarls who mighty Ogre warriors decked out like Northern warriors…

Train Your Pets With KLUKVA’s Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

8 days ago 0

Adding a Steampunk twist to a famous scientist isn’t a new thing but I don’t think I’ve seen Pavlov done yet!

Siren Sculpt Up Fantastical New Elves Cailu & Taquail

8 days ago 11

Siren Miniatures have a couple of new miniatures up on their webstore and (and time of writing) there aren’t many of them left right now!

Write-Off Your Car With Antenocitis’ New Ruined Terrain

8 days ago 5

Antenocitis’ Workshop has added some neat new terrain pieces to their collection with four Ruined Cars which can be used to adorn your city streets and show a wartorn landscape

The Pinkertons Are Coming To Knuckleduster’s Wild West Range

9 days ago 2

Knuckleduster Miniatures are growing their range for the Wild West with some mercenary types. Here we have one of their Pinkertons fishing for more ammo in his pockets.

CMON Introduces The Crime Families Of The Godfather Board Game

9 days ago 3

CMON has been showing off more and more miniatures from the upcoming board game, The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire.

Start A New Guild Ball Team With Revamped Boxed Sets

10 days ago 8

A selection of new boxed sets for Guild Ball is going to be released on the 21st June onwards.