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Wonder Woman & The Amazons Lead The Way For Knight Models In July

12 hours ago 8

Making her way onto the tabletop for the end of June and beginning of July Knight Models has sculpted up a great version of Wonder Woman for you to use in the DC Universe Miniatures Game.

Knight Model’s Parliament Of Owls Assembles To Take Down Batman

2 days ago 5

Knight Models has assembled a new preview of what’s coming soon to the Batman Miniatures Game. Here we have the Parliament Of Owls, each of them seeking to take Batman’s head.

The Court Of Owls Previewed For The Batman Miniatures Game

14 days ago 5

The first rules for the Court Of Owls has been previewed by Knight Models for their Batman Miniatures Game.

Knight Models Offer Up Prize For DC Universe Tournament Games

16 days ago 12

From June 20th you will be able to get involved in some Organised Play events at your local store for the DC Universe Miniatures Game by Knight Models and maybe win yourself an exclusive model.

Gain Bardic Inspiration & Fight Like A Viking With Scale75

17 days ago 5

If you like the Scale75 models but wish you could get them in a battlefield scale then they are helping to make that happen as they have now added two new models to their collection.

ICv2 Gets Look At Lucius Malfoy & More For Harry Potter Game

23 days ago 10

Continuing to build on their previews for the Harry Potter Miniatures Game that is coming later this year, Knight Models let ICv2 show off a sneak peek at Lucius Malfoy and more…

Sculpting Updates Arrive For Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 Project

24 days ago 7

The world of Kingdom Death: Monster is coming back to the tabletop once again with its 1.5 Edition and that means new sculpts, new horrors and of course some fantastic characters too.

Stick To The Shadows With Matoko For GCT’s Bushido

24 days ago 4

Slinking through the shadows as one of their upcoming miniatures, GCT Studios were showing off a new character, Matoko.

Infamy Miniatures Have Barbarians On The Brain

24 days ago 3

One of the upcoming projects for Infamy Miniatures over the next few weeks and months appears to be to drop some Barbarians into the mix.

Meet Horace de Havilland For Demented’s Twisted

24 days ago 7

Coming to the Egyptian faction for Demented Games’ Twisted we have Horace de Havilland here who is looking rather splendid with his rifle and mechanical bird, poised to go hunting.

Superman Faces A Rogues Gallery Of His Foes From Knight Models

30 days ago 10

Superman is part of the new releases for May by Knight Models for their DC Universe Game. However, he isn’t alone as he is now facing off against some of his more fearsome foes and his arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor.

Harry, Ron & Hermione Previewed For Knight Model’s Miniatures Game

33 days ago 13

Knight Models revealed more of the characters from their Harry Potter Miniatures Game to MuggleNet this weekend as they showed off the previously unseen Harry and Ron.

Whale Hunters & Demons On The Horizon For Bushido

39 days ago 2

GCT Studios has previewed two new renders for the world of Bushido. Both the Jung Pirates and the Cult of Yurei look like they’re going to be getting some neat new models starting with Yori The Whale Hunter.

Lord Voldemort Weaves His Wicked Spells From Knight Models

43 days ago 20

Lord Voldemort himself is the next preview from Knight Models for the Harry Potter Miniatures Game. He Who Must Not Be Named is looking rather deadly, summoning up dark magic to bring his enemies low!

Marrow Production Shows Off Stunning Painted Journey Monsters

44 days ago 6

Marrow Production continues to breathe life into their fantastic trip through Asian mythology, with Journey: Wrath of Demons. Have a look at the beautifully painted demons from Massive Voodoo.