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Knight Models August Releases For DC Universe Miniature Game

6 days ago 16

We get to see fifteen stunning models for the DC Universe Miniature Game from Knight Models

Steamforged Games Brings Back The Mystery Box!

7 days ago 3

Steamforged Games has moved their warehouse and offices and opened a new webstore and they’re ready to share their excitement with you in savings!

A Demon Warrior Shudders Into Life From Marrow

7 days ago 6

If you’re a fan of the Journey: Wrath Of Demons game from Marrow Production then you might want to check out the work going into the White Bone Demon Warrior for the game…

New Painted Characters Herald Releases For Bushido

13 days ago 11

GCT Studios has shown off some of the painted miniatures for their latest wave of releases in the world of Bushido. You can now head over to their webstore HERE and get your hands on them.

The Lord Of Chaos Leads His Armies Into Battle From Scale75

16 days ago 2

Scale75 has added another model to their collection for the 32mm range. Here we have the Lord Of Chaos clad in his heavy armour, ready to crush his foes.

New Buildings From Knights Of Dice To Set The Perfect Scenes

21 days ago 9

Knights of Dice continues to add fantastic pieces to their different terrain ranges. This month it’s multiple buildings and kits to upgrade your existing pieces.

Three Ronin Brothers Bring Their Swords To Bushido

23 days ago 2

GCT Studios have a group of ronin coming to Bushido to lend their swords to whichever side furthers their cause.

A Death Eater Dons Their Mask At Knight Models

26 days ago 10

Knight Models have shown off a preview for the Death Eater miniature which will be serving Lord Voldemort’s schemes in the upcoming Harry Potter miniatures game.

Knight Models Welcomes Gorilla Grodd & More With This Month’s Releases

35 days ago 10

Knight Models has welcomed a new raft of releases to their webstore for the Batman Miniatures Game and the DC Universe Miniatures Game too.

Meet Limbo Miniatures’ Order Of The Rose Warrior Women

36 days ago 6

Standing around the 35mm scale mark we have a new set of models from Limbo Miniatures for you to check out. See what you make of the Order Of The Rose…

Jenna & Sally Join The Steampunk Smog Riders Of Scale75

43 days ago 1

Scale75 have added to their quirky and cute Smog Riders collection with two new cartoony models to add to your collection.

Weekender: Infinity Campaign Update & Guild Ball's Blacksmiths Explored

Weekender: Infinity Campaign Update & Guild Ball’s Blacksmiths Explored

48 days ago 42

Let’s get stuck into a big show…

WYSIWY Games Announces Planet Of The Apes Miniatures Board Game

49 days ago 10

The world will be going to the apes come spring of 2018 as WSYIWY Games announced the upcoming launch of Planet of the Apes: The Miniatures Boardgame. 3-D board components and fantastic minis are just a couple things to look forward to from this exciting game!

Take To Brooms As Knight Models Preview A Death Eater For Harry Potter

51 days ago 5

It looks like brooms are certainly going to be thrown into the mix for the Harry Potter Miniatures Game by Knight Models as they previewed a Death Eater atop one this week.

ThunderChild Launch The Kickstarter For Their Mega Mutie Mercs

52 days ago 2

ThunderChild Miniatures are looking to expand their range of post-apocalyptic Wasteman miniatures and have just launched a Kickstarter to help fund their Mega Mutie Mercs.