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3 Colours Up - How To Paint Blue Armour

3 Colours Up – How To Paint Blue Armour

363 days ago 11

It’s time to get out the trusty airbrush again and show you some awesome techniques for painting Blue armour.

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Undercoating!

1155 days ago 9

Games Workshop have added a whole new selection of painting tutorials to their website and we’ll kick things off with their Undercoating tutorial using their spray paints. See what you make of this one…

Flames of War Spray Paint… Reviewed

1938 days ago 5

Romain tests some of the Flames of War Spray Paint range and gives his opinion.

Army Painter Spray Paint… Reviewed

1958 days ago 31

Romain reviews the Army Painter Sprays and give some pointers on how to get the best results from it.

How to Prime your Miniatures the Romain Way!

2078 days ago 29

We’ve been asked for it time and time again… so here it is… Romain demonstrates his own special way of priming and pre-shading your miniatures using Modelmates primer!