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Tale Of War Unleash Kar Andros The Predator

636 days ago 5

Tale Of War have a new model for you that you can grab via email and very soon over on their webstore. Kar Andros The Predator is a deadly alien warrior shown leaping forward to deliver the deathblow to some hapless victim on the battlefield…

The New Fulminator Leaps Into Action From Tale Of War

840 days ago 4

Leap into action with a new painting project from Tale of War called The Fulminator.

The Doom Angel Descends From The Skies Of Tale Of War

1099 days ago 4

Tale of War has released their next Angel, the Doom Angel, onto the webstore and he looks a lot like the awesome War from Darksiders. Another great miniature for the collection?

Tale Of War Show Three Little Pigs Who Fight Back!

1212 days ago 2

Delve into the world of the weird with Tale of War as they preview the upcoming Three Little Pigs that change the stakes of their particular fairy tale.

Tale of War’s Punishment Angel Is Released

1276 days ago 5

Will you be crossing yourself and hoping the Punishment Angel doesn’t come down and reap your soul? The epic model from Tale of War is on the way.

Tale Of War Send Punishment From Above!

1307 days ago 9

Tale of War have descended from the heavens with a vengeful Angel of Punishment!

Tale of War Turn Lose a Familiar Cyborg Ninja

1392 days ago 9

Following on after Tale of War’s release of Snaker, a very familiar looking cyborg ninja has appeared to join the fight.

The Last Soldier of Tale of War Comes Out of its Box

1434 days ago 2

Tale of War have released a miniature of the greatest soldier to ever live. His name is Snaker, the Last Soldier!

Grab A Hip-Hop Genius From Tale Of War

1508 days ago 3

Check out this special Genius from Tale of War. The sculpt is damn good and so is the paint job on it too.