The New Fulminator Leaps Into Action From Tale Of War

April 8, 2015 by brennon

If you’re looking for a Sci-Fi model with a lot of movement and the feeling of a cool slow motion moment caught on camera then how about checking out the Fulminator from Tale of War?

Fulminator #1

Fulminator #2

Fulminator #3

As you can see this heroic figure (or maybe he’s a bit of a villain) is leaping into action over this scenic base with his cloak billowing in the wind. It might not look like the most natural of figures but I think they’ve got something pretty special here that could make an awesome miniature to use in a diorama.

Imagine if you had a monster positioned in front of him, claws grasping forward as if to swipe him away. At the last second he’s leaped away from the beast and fired his custom revolver. Add a bit of muzzle flash, a bit of source lighting, and you’ve got one hell of a piece.

The scale of Fulminator is 30mm and made of resin so he’s a bit bigger than you’re standard 28mm model. Then again he won’t be wargaming too much!

A painters new pet project?

" the last second he's leaped away from the beast and fired his custom revolver."

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