Giant Goblin Games Roll Out The Armour In Tanks Of War

July 31, 2013 by brennon

Giant Goblin Games, the team responsible for Storm the Castle! have another game in the works, Tanks of War: Third Reich Rising. They have previewed the cover art for the game and you can take a look at its contents too!

Tanks of War - Third Reich Rising

“Players customise their own unique battle deck which includes cards that alter game play and vehicles such as mighty KV-1s, Panzers, and tank destroyers. Played over a massive game board, both sides must purchase the right action cards and vehicles to win.”

Tanks of War ContentsTanks of War allows you to build up a deck of tanks and then take them to the battlefield against your opponents. Your entire collection of both Soviet and German tanks can be changed to fit your play style.

The game is set to be funded via Kickstarter later in the summer and they already have plans for expansions which introduce different theatres of war.

Will you be commanding these tanks?