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Edison Enters the World of Tannhauser with Fantasy Flight


Edison joins the forces of America in the battle against the occult forces in Tannhauser!

Upcoming Matriarchy Troop Pack for Tannhäuser


Wanting some more boots on the ground for your games of Tannhäuser? Then check out the newest Troop Pack for the game from Fantasy Flight.

Tannhäuser Heading to the Far East


The latest campaign expansion for the awesome board game Tannhäuser from Fantasy Flight is set to take players off to the Far East in Operation: Hinansho. Check out the artwork below… With all new missions set in the Far East where you have to beat the other super powers to a crash site, or fight [...]

New Tannhauser Hero from Fantasy Flight


A new single miniature expansion for the tactical board game Tannhauser is set for release soon. Check out Fantasy Flight’s Natalya below. This lovely lady comes with a pre-painted miniature, all the cards, tokens and rules for playing her in the game and adding her to your existing teams. I have always been interested in [...]