Team Yankee Leopard – West German Leopard 2 Assembly Guide!

July 18, 2016 by crew

The folks at Battlefront Miniatures have put together this neat Assembly Video showing off how you put together your Leopard 2 miniatures from the new Team Yankee West German Box for Leopard.


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Here is how your Leopard 2 will turn out once you’ve got it all sorted for the tabletop. Watch out for later in the week as we’ll be using these tanks in a Battle Report and John will be building the WHOLE army to get it ready for war.

Leopard II #1

Leopard II #2

If you’d like to get your hands on your own Team Yankee West Germans then you can head over to their webstore on the link below…

Grab The West Germans & Leopard Here

Is this your favourite tank from the Team Yankee range or do you have others that top the list?

Drop your thoughts in the comments below!