The West Germans Are Coming To Team Yankee

May 20, 2016 by stvitusdancern

As you may have seen on the forums, Battlefront Miniatures has released a preview of their upcoming West German forces for Team Yankee.

Up to this point you have only had either the Soviet Union or the United States to chose from. So for you fans of the modern (circa 1980s) armour and warfare you will now have access to some pretty nice 15mm miniatures.

So far we have seen pictures and information for the Leopard II MBT, Marder IFV, and the Bo-105P Helicopter.

Leopard II



There will also be a 48 page supplement for the West German forces and focusing on Panzer Division One. and Kampfgruppe Müller.

If you look at the division to brigade to company TOE you will see Tornados being used as their close ground support fast movers. There is also pictures of Flakpanzers and Jaguar light armour.

While I love my Americans and they will always be my first love, I really do like these miniatures as well and will be adding them to my collections as they come out.

Having seen a Leopard II in person I am awed at the beast’s presence and makes a nice partner to my M1s pushing back the communist tide. These are set to start being released this July.

Are you as excited about this release as I?