Call The Guards With Tercio Creativo’s New Sculpts

January 9, 2013 by brennon

A little bit of a peek now into the world of Tercio Creativo with a look at their painted Sargento and a new Guardia Bust that will be heading to the casters soon.


First up is Sargento looking stunning as always. A fantastic paint job on an amazing miniature! This is a damn good piece and it reminds me of a character from the Viggo Mortensen film, Alatriste! I certainly recommend that film if you like a bit of historical action and don’t mind subtitles.

Guardia Bust

Above is also the Guardia Bust which will be heading to the casters and is a nice close up look at the personalities making up the city guard. I imagine the object clutched between his teeth is a pipe, so it could be a good opportunity to do some source lighting when it comes to the face.

The entire model could be painted as if he is patrolling at night so you will have plenty of work cut out applying just the right look.

Liking what you see from Tercio Creativo?