The Dashing Gaul Seignor Takes Shape From Tercio Creativo

December 24, 2014 by brennon

We haven’t heard much from them over the last few months but Tercio Creativo have been working on another awesome looking miniature. A flowing cloak and dashing pose welcome the Gaul Seignor


Seignor & Base

He is looking very cool indeed and I love the amount of detail that these folks manage to get into every inch of their sculpts. Atop a broken statue he is pointing down below and directing his troops into battle.

I really like the look of the armour they’ve worked on and even though it’s very highly detailed I think you’d be able to pick it out with a wash quite easily. Away from that you’d want to paint up that cloak very nicely and maybe even try a bit of freehand.

What do you think of the dashing Seignor?