A Sergeant & A Spearman Of The Old Purple In Tercio Creativo

November 26, 2012 by brennon

Some more previews have arrived from the folks at Tercio Creativo. This time they are looking to the martial spear users with Sargento and Puyo of The Old Purple…


First up is Sargento carrying a mighty pole-arm or glaive, ready to hold back the enemy threatening their leader, Ysbilia. I like the stance and it will be interesting to see what weapon is carried in his other hand. I think you could even have a banner flying from that weapon. Would add a level of patriotism to the miniature that’s for sure!


Next up is Puyo who is slightly more flamboyant, lunging forwards with his spear to skewer an oncoming foe. I like the pomp and ceremony in these miniatures and they always have a great level of detail pushing them to new heights.

What do you think?