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Terragnosis Ramps Up Force With the Sulphur Buggy 2

930 days ago 1

If a Mad Max feel is what you’re going for, then Sulphur by Terragnosis has you covered. They are taking pre-orders now for their Sulphur Buggy 2- a menacing looking vehicle to cause some chaos in.

Wave 2 Announced for Sulphur by Terragnosis

996 days ago 4

Need a little bulk for survival in a post-apocalyptic world? Terragnosis, announces their wave 2 miniatures for Sulphur.

Terragnosis’ Scavengers Back From The Printers

1150 days ago 1

Terragnosis have got some of their first scavengers back from the printers and most of them are looking very nice indeed!

Terragnosis Preview The Deadly Exo-Skeleton Wearing Shing

1301 days ago 3

Terragnosis sees the alien Shing coming to the fore and they have some awesome looking exo-skeletons and weaponry to bring to bear.

Terragnosis Show Off Sulphur’s Scavengers

1332 days ago Comments Off

Check out some more additions to Sulphur from the folks at Terragnosis.

Terragnosis Bodge Together Their Brutal Looking Scrap Buggy

1353 days ago Comments Off

Terragnosis have been showing off more from their upcoming Sulphur Kickstarter. What do you think of this modular vehicle?

Terragnosis Bring More Heroes To Ruination

1365 days ago 3

Check out some pre-order and released heroes from Terragnosis. What do you think of these 54mm characters?