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Tabletop World Shows Off A Lovely Cottage & Stone Bridge

23 hours ago 2

Tabletop World has done it again and added 2 amazing new terrain pieces to their beautifully detailed resin line. Now you can add a gorgeous cottage or even stone bridge diorama to your collection.

What Fantasty Terrain Escenorama Has Been Tinkering Away On?

1 day ago 7

Escenorama makes some amazing terrain pieces for use in your Fantasy games and beyond and we thought we’d show off some of the teasers of their current projects that are coming to life.

Grab Some Grub At Micro Art Studio’s Infinity Food Booths

3 days ago 2

Growing their Designed For Infinity range, Micro Art Studio has been showing off their new Food Booths which come in HDF for you to start adding some character to the tabletop.


Weekender XLBS: Win 4Ground’s Fyrburgh Fort & Dungeon Delving In Torchbearer

6 days ago 229

You could win the epic Fyrburgh Fort kit!

Head To The Infinity Black Market Docks With Bandua

7 days ago 7

Bandua has collected together another batch of Infinity terrain into what is essentially a ‘ready to play’ tabletop. See what you make of the Black Market Docks set-up.

Weekender: New Fabled Realms Faction & Naval Wargaming At Midway

Weekender: New Fabled Realms Faction & Naval Wargaming At Midway

7 days ago 132

Laser Dream Works Has A New Piratical Ship Underway

10 days ago 13

There’s no better way to pretty up a pirate game than through the addition of a ship or two. Laser Dream Works has a new prototype underway for a stunning 28mm pirate ship!

UK Games Expo Update: Charities & Getting Your Game Face On

12 days ago 2

Here’s another round of updates for you on what’s coming to the UK Games Expo in just a matter of weeks now

Weekender: Future Blood & Plunder Crews + Win Massive RE-LOAD Prize

Weekender: Future Blood & Plunder Crews + Win Massive RE-LOAD Prize

14 days ago 201

We chat with Firelock Games
about the future of
Blood & Plunder
and much more!

Community Spotlight: Foam Terrain, Hanoverians & Ork Mobs

Community Spotlight: Foam Terrain, Hanoverians & Ork Mobs

15 days ago 6

We’re back with another round of Community Spotlight picks for you as we detail three more projects that caught our eye.

Bandua Build Infinity Terrain & Ace Holographic Signs

15 days ago 7

Bandua Wargames has shown off some of their new terrain which is now available from their webstore. This builds on their awesome Infinity collection and gives you options for prepainted terrain, ready to use on the tabletop.

Mantic’s TerrainCrate Kickstarter Final Days Approach

16 days ago 6

Mantic are closing in on the final days of their TerrainCrate Kickstarter and they wanted to show off some of the 3D printed examples of their terrain to show off how it’s all coming together.

Get Shot & Buried In Empires At War’s New Wild West Terrain

17 days ago 7

Two new prepainted kits have been added to the collection from Empires At War for your Wild West gaming which is becoming particularly popular right now.

Jet Away To An African Airport From Sally 4th

18 days ago 4

If you’re looking to build up a tabletop for an African war zone, or an adventure set out in the grasslands then you might want to check out the African Airport being built by Sally 4th.

Laser Cutting Operative Evening Shift [4Ground]

18 days ago 3

We are looking for someone to fit in our growing team of skilled laser operatives, working in the evenings. You will be part of the 4Ground team that runs ten lasers over 120 hours a week producing 300 kits a day.