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Clamber Up A New Industrial Platform From Kromlech


A lot of folks are playing Necromunda at the moment and choosing skirmish games as their games of choice on the tabletop. With that in mind see what you think of this small Industrial Platform terrain piece from Kromlech.

Bandua Add Terrain & New Accessories To Shadespire


Bandua Wargames has some new accessories for those of you who play Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire.

Kromlech Praise The Cog Father With Tabletop Scenics’ Industrial Sector


Kromlech have revealed that a new selection of Tabletop Scenics’ terrain is going to appear in their webstore; the Mechanicum Industrial Sector.

Set Up Your Small Country Home At GameCraft Miniatures


GameCraft Miniatures have released a pair of Small Country Houses for your gaming tables.

Exclusive! PlastCraft Preview New Age Of Fantasy Terrain


Check out an Exclusive look at the new Age Of Fantasy terrain coming out of PlastCraft for their ColorED range!

New Temple and Woodland Bases From Tabletop-Art


Tabletop-Art have released two new sets of 30mm and 40mm artistic bases in December.

Art Of War Studios Build Up Walls In The Underhive


Art Of War Studios has some awesome new terrain for you to pick up for your games of Necromunda: Underhive which turn it from 2D to 3D with some ace Hive Wall segments.

The Beacons Are Lit With New Thomarillion Terrain Pieces


Getting into the Lord of the Rings vibe for today we take a look at these Beacons/Signal Fires which are coming soon from the folks at Thomarillion.

Weekender XLBS: Gamer Gifts & Marvel On The Tabletop

Weekender XLBS: Gamer Gifts & Marvel On The Tabletop


Hobby chatter and Christmas gift ideas!


Weekender: Preparing For Alien Invasion! Chronicle X & BoW Studios Defence


We’re talking alien invasions and Chronicle X in the studio today!

Plus, John will also be putting together a very different VLOG series to carry you through the Christmas period so watch out for that!

Head Into The Underhive With New Deep-Cut Studio Mat


Building on their range of mats, Deep-Cut Studio is taking us down into the Underhive with their new mat design. As you might imagine, it’s kinda perfect for Necromunda.

Micro Art Make A Mosaic Of Bases


Micro Art Studios have released some new bases, including a section of Urban street, and a set of decorative Mosaics to drive across.

Sarissa Open Up The Streets Of Rome


Run through streets, past shops, through fountains and take the Colosseum!

Terrain Showcase: Jesserai Industrial Set

Terrain Showcase: Jesserai Industrial Set


This massive terrain bundle
is up for grabs!

Join Hobgoblin-3D In The Tavern With New Kickstarter


Hobgoblin-3D has created a new 3D printable terrain for your fantasy game and they call it Tavern-Born™: Raghaven Hamlet – 3D Printable 28mm Terrain.

TTCombat Ruin Their Newest Urban Building


TTCombat have revealed a new ruined building to bring the post-apocalypse to your table.

Sarissa Build More Of Rome With New Terrain Previews


Building on Rome and indeed the terrain options available for Gangs Of Rome, Sarissa Precision showed off some of their new buildings.

Wander Through The Meadows With Deep-Cut Studio’s New Mat


Deep-Cut Studio has been showing off one of their new mats which is focused towards 15mm wargaming but there’s no reason you couldn’t use it larger scales too.

New Sci-Fi & Homeland Apocalypse Terrain Hits This Black Friday From 4Ground


4Ground has some awesome new releases in terms of terrain this month focusing in on both their Sci-Fi range, known as the Jesserai collection and the Homeland Apocalypse set which is ideal for Walking Dead, amongst other games.

Tabletop Art Unearth More Ancient Machinery Bases


Tabletop Art have added some new bases to their Ancient Machinery selection.