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Weekender: Win A Battle Foam P.A.C.K Mini & Gangs Of Rome On The Horizon

Weekender: Win A Battle Foam P.A.C.K Mini & Gangs Of Rome On The Horizon


This week, we talk Gangs of Rome from Footsore Miniatures and have a great Battle Foam Giveaway.

Big Ol’ Boats Take To The Water From Burn In Designs


Some rather nifty looking boats are part of the previews popping up on social media from Burn In Designs.


Exclusive! WIN A GameMat.EU Mat Perfect For Necromunda!


Come up with a name for the new GameMat.EU
Mat and you could win it for yourself!

A Mireluck, Objectives & Power Armour Coming To Modiphius’ Fallout


Over on the Fallout Development Blog, the folks at Modiphius have been talking about some future releases for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare starting with the Mirelurk Queen.

DFA Miniatures Launching 6mm Sci-Fi Terrain Kickstarter This Week


Known as the B.A.S.E System the folks at DFA Miniatures are looking to launch their Kickstarter for this range of 6mm terrain this week beginning tomorrow.

Battle Kiwi Brings Endor Terrain To Your Table On Kickstarter


Battle Kiwi has made it easier than ever to bring the look and feel of Endor to your tabletop. Their Endor- Tabletop Wargaming Terrain project is full of fantastic MDF terrain to set the perfect scene on the table.

Weekender XLBS: Too Many Models; How Do You Deal With It?

Weekender XLBS: Too Many Models; How Do You Deal With It?


Get comfy because it’s time to relax
and watch this week’s XLBS.

Weekender: Battle Systems' Core Space First Look & Super Secret Infinity Updates!

Weekender: Battle Systems’ Core Space First Look & Super Secret Infinity Updates!


It’s time to delve into The Weekender with some awesome interviews looking at Battle Systems’ Core Space, a new Sci-Fi skirmish game, and what lies ahead for Infinity with Carlos.

Micro Art Set Up Bigger Miniatures On Shrine & Ancient Bases


Micro Art Studio have released two new round bases, these ones at 120mm in size to suit your larger models.

StudioLevel Take You To Bantam Alley With Their Resin Terrain


StudioLevel are on Kickstarter right now looking to fund the creation of some of their awesome resin terrain which would be perfect for your Post-Apocalyptic tabletops.

Pray To The Kami At TRE Games’ Japanese Shrine


TRE Games have built a new 28mm Japanese shrine where your minis can go to pray to the kami.

Fight Through The Aldan Indomitus Ruins With Bandua’s New Terrain


Bandua is adding to their Sci-Fi collection with a range of new ruins which can be used for your grimdark battlefields of the far future where there is only war…


Weekender: Total War Warhammer World Building & Warren Returns!


It’s time to get stuck back into The Weekender after a break for a few weeks and we also have the return of Warren to the fold!

Exclusive! New Post-Apocalyptic Prison From Plast Craft Games


Plast Craft Games have got another Color-ED exclusive for us as we show off their Post-Apocalyptic Prison…

TTCombat Open Up Their Hatches For Industrial Terrain


TTCombat have released their new hatches and doors for their industrial terrain range.

Warsenal Put Up The Steelwater Rail Towers For Warmachine


Warsenal will soon be releasing a new Steelwater Rail Tower as a terrain piece for Warmachine.

Fill Your Tank At Sarissa’s Atomic Gas Station


Sarissa Precision are building up their post-apocalyptic wasteland terrain set with the Atomic Gas Station.

TTCombat Venture Inside The Abandoned Brownstone Building


TTCombat have released an Abandoned Brownstone building, giving you a place to hide in the apocalypse.

Deep-Cut Studio Print-O-Mat Turn Your Pics Into Game Mats


Deep-Cut Studio have launched a new service. Using Print-O-Mat, you can now turn your own pictures into a gaming surface.

Modiphius Transport To The Deck Of A Star Trek Ship With New Tiles


If you’re a big fan of the Star Trek Adventures role-playing game from Modiphius you might want to take a peek at these new Deck Tiles that have been added to their webstore this week.