Basicks’ New Trenches, Treasures & Missiles!

September 25, 2012 by brennon

Basicks have a nice selection of new terrain pieces for you to add to your battlefields. Check out their new selection below which covers Trenches, Treasure Chests and even some Missile Silos!

Infantry Trenches

Small Missile Silos

These two would be great for modern wargaming. You could paint up the Silos and then maybe plant a few trees around the base as well. Proper hidden hubs in the midst of a giant forest. You could even paint the base in a desert theme and take them to the Middle East for a Desert Storm conflict.

Treasure Chests

And next up are these Treasure Chests. Perfect for Role-Playing games, placed strategically throughout the dungeon as a tempting target for your adventurers. Maybe you could even trick a few of your players and have them turn into mimics when they got closer!

Some very nice resin terrain from Basicks and I can see it turning up on a fair few gaming boards.

What do you think of these new sets?