Baueda Wargames Ready to Play Terrain!

June 7, 2012 by brennon

Terrain making is one of those things some people really love and others really hate. So if you’re looking to get a board looking nice without a lot of hassle then how about checking out the Ready to Play ranges from Baueda Wargames?

Iron Age Fort

Egyptian Fortified Camp

First up is a range of Fortifications for 15mm figures. The ones above are larger bases which could be used for Historical and Fantasy gaming. I particularly like the Iron Age fort style with the wooden palisades.

Medieval Tents

There’s also a range of Tents which all come ready to play with. In an era where armies are getting bigger having terrain that doesn’t take up your time to create seems like a fantastic idea.

Forest Terrain

Deciduous Tree

And one of the best I think is this range of Trees. They always seem the hardest things to make and having a kit which could go into different species to vary up your battlefield is a great boon. As you can see these actually fit 28mm scale with the model above.

Would you pick up some of this Ready to Play terrain?

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