Fenris Games Help Make a Well Lit Graveyard

January 22, 2014 by dracs

Some new terrain accessories have appeared in Fenris Games’ webstore: A selection of engraved gravestones and some varieties of street lamps.


These gravestones feature inscriptions from a competition Fenris ran about a year back, but have only made their way to the webstore recently. I think I spot a sneaky Spike Milligan reference among them.

Plastic Street Lamps

Street lamps are an often over-looked, omnipresent feature of modern life, making these a good addition to any street scene you might be building. The Victorian street lamp is even more important to making an atmospheric setting , with the image of their light being smothered by smog being an iconic feature of Gothic horror.

Interesting to note, when street lamps were first introduced in England people protested. One of the reasons for the increased presence of street lamps was to dissuade criminals. However, people believed that it would just mean criminals could now see what they were doing.

Will you be making a setting for a game of Gothic horror with Fenris’ graves and street lamps?

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