New Fiona Adores Heroes Modular MDF Terrain Sets

July 25, 2012 by brennon

Modular and MDF terrain is all the rage nowadays and Fiona Adores Heroes have a new series of Sci-Fi terrain for you to get stuck into. Check out some of the pieces below…

Medium Building

Short Bridge

“All the models are cut from high quality 3mm MDF and provided flat packed but are easy to put together with some PVA or wood glue and some basic modelling tools.

The buildings can easily stack on top of each other, allowing you to create unique cityscapes. Each building also comes with a removable roof allowing them to have playable interiors. The buildings can also be connected together with the use of bridges to create even more unique cityscapes.”

Small & Medium Building with Bridge

Stacked Buildings

These are fairly impressive, and not too expensive either! I love the idea that you can create terrain that changes from game to game, allowing you to really vary your landscapes. One minute you could be fighting in the low rise farmlands of the outskirts, then next in a heavily built up and multilayer city.

Also I love bridges! They are always great objectives and seem to produce great set pieces in games.

You can pick up these models from the eBay page right HERE.

Instructions for building your terrain are also listed on their website, so no fear for those of us without DIY skills!

Do these sets appeal to you?

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