Pardulon are Keeping the Place Cool

November 20, 2012 by dracs

Pardulon are continuing with their selection of terrain accessories. This time they are helping to keep the place cool with their new air-con units.

Pardulon - Air Con 1

Pardulon - Air Con 1 Against Wall

Pardulon - Air Con 2

Pardulon - Air Con 3

Pardulon - Air Con 4

These pieces, while seemingly innocuous, can help to enhance a terrain piece, adding an extra level of detail and life to buildings and providing them with a firmly modern appearance.

Of course, if you are are going for a more traditional vibe than Pardulon have you covered there too.

Pardulon - Bay Window

Pardulon - Cellar Entrance

Pardulon - Outhouse

These accessories help to break up the straight edges of a building, providing small areas of cover as well as new access points.

Do you think that Pardulon’s terrain pieces are worth picking up?

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