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Terrible Kids Stuff Shows Off First Release For 2017

3 days ago 4

Terrible Kids Stuff is showing off their first release for 2017 and it is a beaut!

Terrible Kids Stuff Give Us A Sneak Peek At Up Coming Project

29 days ago 10

It is that time of the year, where we starting getting sneak peeks at upcoming releases for the new year.

Terrible Kids Stuff Sculpt Up A Paul Bonner Goblin Shaman

81 days ago 8

Limited to 150 copies Terrible Kids Stuff have worked alongside Paul Bonner to bring one of his art pieces to life. See what you think of the Goblin Shaman.

Terrible Kids Stuff Get Stealthy With Their Ninja Lady

482 days ago 13

Terrible Kids Stuff have another great looking model for painters to get excited about. The Ninja Lady, standing at 75mm tall, is looking like a very elegant and proficient killer.