Warrior Monks Guard Their Temple In Warlord’s Test Of Honour

March 28, 2018 by brennon

Warlord Games is expanding on their Test Of Honour range with some awesome looking Warrior Monks for Sohei that guard their temples with a zealous fury.

Warrior Monks of Mount Hiei - Test Of Honour

You are able to look to their webstore and get your hands on these Warrior Monks that you see here. The set can be broken down into those using Naginata and others using those classic Japanese Bows.

Sohei - Warrior Monks With Naginatas - Test Of Honour

The finish on these miniatures is awesome and the overall look of the models for Test Of Honour (I think) stands head and shoulders above a lot of what has been done by Warlord before.

Sohei - Warrior Monk Archers  - Test Of Honour

I’m very tempted to get involved with this game as it not only carries through a narrative element, packed with great looking models but also is a nice point of difference from other games out there. It’s not the typical European Fantasy/Historical I’ve been involved in before and the mechanics are nice and simple to learn.

These Warrior Monks can also be picked up as part of the Temple Gate Defence Set.

Sohei Temple Defence - Test Of Honour

You can get your hands on the terrain that you see above and the miniatures, bringing things together to create a very evocative scenario. You could see these Monks watching from the upper floors as the enemy approaches, weapons at the ready.

Will you be able to deal with the assault of a cadre of angry and resolute Ninjas?

Have you played a lot of Test Of Honour?

"It's not the typical European Fantasy/Historical I've been involved in before and the mechanics are nice and simple to learn..."