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Megacon’s The Banner Saga: Warbands Now Available!

324 days ago 3

Based on the exceptionally successful video game the folks at Megacon have now released The Banner Saga: Warbands so you can carve out your own adventures against the Dredge in a Viking-inspired world.

Get A Sneaky Look At Painted Banner Saga: Warband Miniatures

380 days ago 5

Megacon Games will be bringing Banner Saga: Warbands to Gen Con this year and it seems like the folks at Stoic Studio couldn’t help but show off some painted versions of the miniatures.

Megacon’s The Banner Saga: Warbands Kickstarter Launches

646 days ago 13

Megacon Games have now launched The Banner Saga: Warbands Kickstarter which immerses you in a wonderful Fantasy Viking world filled with choices, consequences and skill based combat in a board game.

Weekender: Warlord's Battle Plans & The Stygmata RPG Kickstarter

Weekender: Warlord’s Battle Plans & The Stygmata RPG Kickstarter

652 days ago 233

Join us for The Weekender where
we have some fantastic
terrain to show off,
an interview with
John Stallard AND
a big EDEN prize!

Megacon’s Banner Saga Board Game Fundraising November 12th

652 days ago 7

Megacon and Stoic have joined forces to bring a fantastic board game to the tabletop based on the hit PC game, Banner Saga. Banner Saga: Warbands is going to evoke the feeling of the game and features amazing plastic miniatures representing both your own warband and the enemy…

Megacon Games Give Us A Peek At Banner Saga Board Game

719 days ago 1

At PAX this weekend just gone Megacon Games have us a look at some of the contents of the Banner Saga: Warbands Board Game which will be available in the near future…

The Banner Saga Getting Board Game Thanks To Megacon

751 days ago 2

The Banner Saga is a thought provoking and deeply tactical story game by Stoic Studios. The combat is perfectly designed for board game play too so Megacon Games are doing that!