Has TheOneRing.net Found Smaug At The Cinema? [Spoilers]

May 11, 2013 by brennon

A bit of speculation for your Saturday now. If you’d prefer to avoid potential spoilers for this mighty Dragon then I suggest you should probably not have clicked on this news item! A TheOneRing.net Ringer thinks they might have spotted the deadly Smaug

I have hidden the images on the main page for the sake of those who want to keep in the shadows on this one!


According to the person who took the picture this appeared at a cinema in Miramar, Wellington and took pride of place in the centre of the lobby, a place where many other Peter Jackson movie creations have taken root.

Whether this is Smaug, or it’s just a massive Dragon for the sake of their being a Dragon, I don’t know. However it does look pretty awesome all the same doesn’t it?

Now imagine him as a big plastic kit for The Hobbit by Games Workshop.

What do you think?