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Heavy Gear Jerboa Prototype Close Up

2075 days ago 5

Darrell takes a look at the resin prototype for the new Jerboa, the new recon gear for the NuCoal faction of Heavy Gear: Blitz.

British Churchill Mk.VII From Warlord Games Up Close!

2206 days ago 12

Darrell checks out the new Churchill Mk.VII from Warlord Games. This is going to be a model every WW2 history buff or tank nut is going to want to get there hands on…

Infinity Hexa Sniper

New for Infinity… Hexa Sniper

2208 days ago 26

Do you play Infinity?

Do your Pan Oceania and Neoterran Capitaline forces need some long range support?

Then you need a Hexa Sniper!

Sedition Wars... The Strain!

Sedition Wars… The Strain!

2212 days ago 24

You saw it here first… these are exclusive images of the forthcoming Strain faction for Studio McVey’s Sedition Wars!

Not only that, we have a write up from the
man himself explaining the finer points
of Strain anatomy…

Dwarf King's Hold Boardgame

Sneaky look at Dwarf King’s Hold Prototype

2237 days ago 28

Andy and Jake Thornton Designer of Dwarf King’s Hold show off some of the unique elements from the prototype playset.

Dwarf King’s Hold Game Play Video

2241 days ago 49

Following on from having a look at the prototype Andy and Jake play through a small game of Dwarf King’s Hold.

Leaked Mantic Sci-Fi Pictures

Are Mantic Going Sci-Fi?

2282 days ago 146

If you missed TURN 8 last night, then you may not have heard about the leaked pictures we have
uncovered, that seemed to originate
from Mantic Games.

Infinity Highlander Cateran

Infinity Highlander Cateran, Out This Month?

2387 days ago 12

We’ve got our grubby hands on some sneaky images
of the Highlander Cateran. This looks like it
could be one of the new releases for
Infinity later this month.

HOT PICS: New Mantic Chaos Dwarfs Sighted

2453 days ago 17

We have a some sneaky photos of the up coming Chaos Dwarfs for the Mantic Kings of War Range.

Kings of War Beta Update & Box Sets

2501 days ago 28

We got time to visit Mantic HQ on our trip over to England and thought it would be great to get a catchup with Ronnie and Alessio about how the Beta went and some new Kings of War Box Sets.

Alessio on Combat, Shooting and Special Rules in KoW

2574 days ago 45

In this final part of the interview with Alessio Cavatore, I get to ask him about his thoughts on the rest of the game mechanics (at least the ones he had started to solidify at this stage). Its an interesting chat and really does give a fascinating insight into the inner thoughts of a game [...]

Inside Mantic Games an Interview with Ronnie Renton

2574 days ago 30

So while we had Ronnie in the studio we wanted to get a better insight into Mantic and see what makes them tick. I really enjoyed the time we spent with Ronnie and found his approach both insightful and fascinating. We we’re a little sceptical here in the studio about Mantic and wondered about their [...]

How units might work and move in the Kings of War game

2575 days ago 84

Alessio Cavatore continues to chat with Warren about the upcoming Rule Set for Kings of War. This time they talk about how units and moment will (or might) work in the game. Note that the Rules hadn’t even been completely finished when we shot this, I wonder if there done now? Anyways I think it’s [...]

Ronnie talks with John about their new Zombies

2575 days ago 19

Ronnie talks with John about their new Zombies which are the icing on the cake for the undead range and Ronnie has the Zombie 3 Up’s with him.

The Insider: Wargames Factory Sci-Fi Greatcoat Troopers

2738 days ago 5

Our first exclusive look at the 3D Print of the Sci-Fi Greatcoat Storm Trooper from Wargames Factory.