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Wyrd’s Mass Battler, The Other Side, Enters Final Days On Kickstarter

3 days ago 11

Take a trip through the Breach to The Other Side in Wyrd Games’ latest project. The Other Side has entered it’s last days on Kickstarter and are showing off the outstanding quality of their preassembled minis. (yes, I said preassembled!)

Weekender: Relic Knights Week Cometh & Win a Battle Foam X Pack!

Weekender: Relic Knights Week Cometh & Win a Battle Foam X Pack!

8 days ago 283

We’re back after a hard earned break to bring you more awesomeness from the world of tabletop gaming.

Weekender: Adventure Through Time With GF9's New Doctor Who Board Game

Weekender: Adventure Through Time With GF9′s New Doctor Who Board Game

36 days ago 57

We’re talking Doctor Who: Time Of The Daleks with Gale Force Nine and explore the mechanics of this epic game!

The Other Side By Wyrd Games Live & Funded On Kickstarter

38 days ago 12

Merry Christmas to all the Malifaux players out there as the first day on Kickstarter has been a successful one for our friends at Wyrd Games with their much anticipated, mass battle tabletop game – The Other Side.

Sneak Peek At The Kickstarter Video For Wyrd Games’ The Other Side

40 days ago 25

This Thursday will see the launch of Wyrd Games’ Kickstarter for their large scale wargame, The Other Side. Have a look at the fantastic Kickstarter video, highlighting the awesome storyline we can expect in the game.

Wyrd Games’ Fantastic The Other Side Allegiance Video Shows Off New Miniatures!

47 days ago 24

In just a couple weeks, Wyrd Games will be taking to Kickstarter with their next miniatures game, The Other Side. This week’s Monday Preview is a fantastic video trailer that explores the four Allegiances for their upcoming game.

Wyrd Games Hints At Upcoming Factions For The Other Side Game

54 days ago 4

Wyrd Games is throwing up teasers to their upcoming squad based game The Other Side.

Wyrd Welcome Thrace To The World Of The Other Side

313 days ago 6

Wyrd Games have shown off another art preview for The Other Side. Here we have Thrace who seems to be taking a note from the world of Final Fantasy with that awesome gun blade…

Explore The Other Side With Wyrd Games

325 days ago 12

Wyrd Games is looking for some Wyrd and wonderful play testers to explore their latest creation, The Other Side. Ever wonder what was going on on the Earth side of the Breach? Here’s your opportunity to find out.

A Wyrd Malifaux Q&A With Game Designer Aaron Darland

A Wyrd Malifaux Q&A With Game Designer Aaron Darland

453 days ago 10

Dawn has had a chance to get inside the
mind of Wyrd game designer, Aaron Darland,
to discuss all things Wyrd. Follow along
and learn about the world of Malifaux from
one of Wyrd’s finest.

Gen Con Highlights & The Great Baking Tin Disaster!

Weekender XLBS: Gen Con Highlights & The Great Baking Tin Disaster!

532 days ago 143

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Wyrd Offers a Glimpse At The Other Side Of The Breach

536 days ago 16

Wyrd Games has announced that they are expanding the Malifaux universe even further with the addition of a new miniatures game- The Other Side! Soon gamers will be able to play a totally new game on the opposite side of the breach.