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King’s Empire’s Royal Rifle Corps Join The Parade At The Other Side


Wyrd Games have previewed the pride of the King’s Empire in the battles of The Other Side; The Royal Rifle Corps.

The Other Side’s Yarazi Offer Air Support For The Gibbering Horde


Wyrd has shown us that not all of the Gibbering Horde hail from the sea. Check out the fiesty, little Yarazi as Wyrd talks a bit about their play style in The Other Side.

The King’s Empire Sends Infiltrators To Wyrd’s Other Side


Wyrd have sneaked out their latest Other Side preview, the King’s Empires stealth experts called Infiltrators.

Wyrd Games Shell Out For Armoured Whelks


It seems in The Other Side shellfish can be a little more dangerous than just giving you an allergic reaction, as Wyrd have shown off the Armored Whelks.

Abyssinia’s Crow Runners Sprint To The Other Side


For their latest Other Side preview, Wyrd have sent out one of the mainstays of the Abyssinian forces; The Crow Runners.

The Warped Warp Into Wyrd’s Other Side


Wyrd Games have unveiled the latest members of the Cult of the Burning Man, the fittingly named Warped.

The Red Coats Are Coming As Dragoons Ride To The Other Side


Wyrd preview the elites of the King’s Empire as the Dragoons gallop into battle on The Other Side.

Your Pumpkin Carving Skills Could Win You Prizes From Wyrd


Wyrd Games is getting in the Halloween spirit with a good old-fashioned pumpkin carving contest. Carve a Wyrd theme into a gourd of your choice in their Get Gourd contest to win spooktacular prizes.

The Karkinoi Of Malifaux’s Coast Come To The Other Side


For their latest Friday preview, Wyrd have taken a monster from Malifaux’s coast and sent it to The Other Side as part of the Gibbering Horde.

Abyssinia’s Electrocutioners Shock Wyrd’s Other Side


Wyrd have previewed the cutting edge of Abyssinian technology for The Other Side; the fearless Electrocutioners.

Wyrd Summon A Terrifying Breachling To The Other Side


For Wyrd’s latest Other Side preview, a creature has been summoned from the magic between dimensions; the terrifying Breachling.

Wyrd Launches Global Malifaux Campaign Homefront October 2nd


Get ready to represent your favourite faction in Malifaux in the next global campaign from Wyrd Games, launching October 2nd.

Wyrd’s Grenadiers Fire Off A Volley To The Other Side


Wyrd Games have shown off their latest preview for The Other Side, the versatile Grenadiers of the King’s Empire.

The Abyssinian Dreadnought Stomps Over Wyrd’s Other Side


Wyrd have previewed the latest titan to come stomping over the fields of The Other Side, the Dreadnought of Abyssinia.

Abyssinia’s Lord Of Steel Flies To The Other Side


Wyrd Games have shown off a commander who will be leading the forces of Abyssinia in The Other Side; the master of fight and flight, The Lord of Steel.

Fenton Brahms Arrives For The Cult Of The Burning Man


Wyrd Games has been sharing stories of the characters from their mass battle game on The Other Side of the Breach in Malifaux. This week, we’re introduced to Fenton Brahms of The Cult of the Burning Man.

Two Wyrd Teasers This Week For Malifaux & The Other Side


Just when you thought the Gremlins of Malifaux couldn’t get any Wyrder…enter Gautreaux Bokor. If The Other Side is more your style, have a look at the stunning, Margaret Belle, of the King’s Empire!

The Warped Come To Life In Wyrd’s The Other Side Preview


Wyrd Games has shown off some previews of the miniatures coming your way for the world of The Other Side. This Kickstarter brought to life some fascinating creatures like The Warped.

Production Minis Preview For Wyrd Games The Other Side Spread

Production Minis Preview For Wyrd Games’ The Other Side


Join Dawn as she shows off a selection of production miniatures we got sent through from Wyrd Games’ The Other Side!

Wyrd’s Mass Battler, The Other Side, Enters Final Days On Kickstarter


Take a trip through the Breach to The Other Side in Wyrd Games’ latest project. The Other Side has entered it’s last days on Kickstarter and are showing off the outstanding quality of their preassembled minis. (yes, I said preassembled!)