The Others: 7 Sins Kickstarter Project Launches

September 10, 2015 by brennon

The big new project from CoolMiniOrNot alongside Guillotine Games and Studio McVey is the massive The Others: 7 Sins by Eric Lang. Corruption and horrors stalk the streets and it’s up to your team to rid the world of these otherworldly threats without succumbing to a fate worse than death…

The Others (Box Art)

The Game

The Others: 7 Sins is a game for two to five players where one side takes on the role of the heroes while the other controls the deadly forces of hell and worse coming to claim their souls. The game board is made up of a series of tiles which are the setting for a number of different stories each with interesting goals.

Board Set Up

Three different types of story, Corruption, Terror and Redemption, help to give you interesting objectives each time you play with branching paths.

Story Cards

The heroes will have to draw on a pool of Corruption which has a duel effect in the game. It allows the heroes to achieve impressive feats of daring but also draws them towards their darker side. If they ever hit their limit then they may become consumed and you really don’t want that happening.

If you’d like to know more about the gameplay watch the full play through above.

The Miniatures

The main game comes with a series of plastic miniatures as you can see here. There are the heroes of the FAITH team complete with guns, melee weapons and even claws in the case of the Werewolf! That guy is my pick for sure.

Faith Heroes #1

Faith Heroes #2

Of course it’s not just the heroes with marvellous miniatures and the Sins have both demonic and acolyte level creatures to bring to bear in the mean streets.

The Sin Demons


Much like with Blood Rage we’re getting some MASSIVE miniatures in this game as well as some very nice high detail sculpts for the rest of the range. If it’s anything like Blood Rage then the models themselves are going to be very hard wearing too.

The Pledge

The trend of single pledge levels continues with there being just one for The Others: 7 Sins. This gets you the main boxed game and the Calavera Leader Hero alongside whatever other stretch goals are unlocked along the way.

Faith Pledge Level

Has this game grabbed your attention? Eric Lang seems to be on a bit of a role with his big boxed games of late and mechanically I bet this is going to be awesome. Time to dive into that gameplay tutorial and see how it all works!

Let us know if this has got you excited to take on Hell itself.

"The game board is made up of a series of tiles which are the setting for a number of different stories each with interesting goals..."

"Much like with Blood Rage we're getting some MASSIVE miniatures in this game..."