Check Out The Stretch Goals Of Mantic’s The Walking Dead

February 5, 2016 by brennon

Mantic Games have been doing exceptionally well with their The Walking Dead: All Out War Kickstarter and so we thought we’d show off some of the Stretch Goals that are unlocked and those that lie ahead…

The Walking Dead (Core)

There are plenty of survivors and walkers for you to get your hands on as part of the campaign via stretch goals. Here is a selection of the latest ones…

200k Atlanta Walker

215k Andrea & Amy

230k Booster Walkers

250k Michonne

I like that they’re now adding Michonne into the game with her deadly katana. While I know that they only have access to the comic books it would be nice to see them do a little nod to The Walking Dead game at some point with Lee and Clem (if they can get away with it of course!).

Have you backed this to the hilt?

"I like that they're now adding Michonne into the game with her deadly katana..."