Weekender: FoW Desert War Tactics & Smashin’ Stuff With WETA’s GKR: Heavy Hitters!

February 25, 2017 by warzan

We skipped a week but we’re back now with a vengeance for another episode of The Weekender. We’ve packed this one to the rafters with awesome tabletop goodness so dive in.

Weekender: FoW Desert War Tactics & Smashin' Stuff With WETA's GKR: Heavy Hitters!

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Updates & Competitions

Firstly some updates as we welcome a new channel to the BoW world. The Knights Of Ren host an amazing Star Wars: Destiny podcast and now you’ll be able to listen to all of their antics alongside us.

Next up it’s time to give away some goodies as we have the SmogCon Event Exclusive Bundle to give away to one lucky winner…

…and we’re also giving away the new Battle Foam Fantasy Football Bag to one of you who comments below here on BoW, on Facebook or Youtube.

Remember if you’ve won a prize that you need to Claim Your Prize or we won’t be able to get your goodies out to you!

Warren Meets Mat

Warren is back, loving his mats, as he looks at some of the product from Gamemat.eu. These chaps do some fantastic designs and we’re loving the quality.

Have you had a look at any of their range before?

Exploring El Alamein & The Desert War

We talk with Oriskany, the mastermind behind a lot of our historical content, and find out from him more about Flames Of War 4th Edition and how it pertains to the Desert War we’ve been discussing over the last few weeks.

The article series has already been going great guns (Part OnePart Two) with the final instalment coming on Monday.


Let’s find out what’s been in the news…

…did any of this catch your eye?

UK Games Expo Update

We get an update from the minds behind the UK Games Expo as there’s not long left until the event! Their new logo and artwork look great and we had some awesome news that Games Workshop will be in attendance.

Smashin’ Stuff With WETA’s Giant Killer Robots!

Justin and John got a chance to play WETA Workshop’s new game, GKR: Heavy Hitters. We unbox our preview copy, delve into a few of the rules and check out their Kickstarter.

If you want to watch the Let’s Play we did make sure to check it out HERE.

Kickstarter Time

What’s on our funding watchlist?

What do you think of these campaigns?

Have a great weekend!