The Weekender: Board Games & Gamer Grub!

August 10, 2013 by dignity

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Time for another weekender, we discuss about how ‘Nam Week went and all the cool things we learned. Also we get chatting about what board games have caught our eyes and the kind of food we’d serve up with each. Lastly we have a competition for everyone, this week you could win the old Warmachine Magnus the Traitor Battlegroup!

Enjoy the show and get commenting for your chance to win!

Mansions of Madness Board Game

Batman Arkham City Board Game

Battlestar Galactica Board Game

Gaming This Week:

‘Nam Week!

Hordes Night Troll

Protectorate of Menoth Forces

Malifaux 2nd Edition

Warlord Game Meet Dad’s Army

Tercio Creativo: Dies Irae!

First Warlord Packs For Judge Dredd