The Weekender That Never Was!

April 26, 2013 by warzan

Hey guys, sorry to say that this weekend there will not be a video Weekender happening. Sorry but even we have to recharge our batteries sometimes.

We had a great time at Salute and it has left us all utterly wrecked (after his great editing on those Salute tours I believe Justin has found himself a cave and gone into hibernation).

We met a whole bunch of great people at Salute, a real mix of the weird and wonderful from big names in the gaming industry such as our old friend Alessio Cavatore and even a bunch of fans. You guys really got into the whole video bombing thing didn’t you?


We even got two pairs of DreadBall underpants and a special BoW fan sign which just goes to show Justin wasn’t the only one who has BoW make their hole weak.


A ton of cool games and miniatures appeared at the weekend, including the exciting new Deadzone from Mantic, which has just headed to kickstarter.

Deadzone ContagionIt was joined by a whole bunch of other great games looking for crowd funding such as RoboTech RPG Tactics and Ammon Miniatures new fantasy wrestling game Da Clash, which did appear at Salute but unfortunately we didn’t get time to check out.

Da Clash

Anyway after we have all rested and recuperated we will send Lloyd to fetch Justin from hibernation and be ready for another episode of the Weekender next week. See you then guys and in the mean time be sure to check out our coverage of Salute 2013.


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Have a good weekend!

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