The Weekender: 40K 7th Edition & Win DUST Starter Sets!

May 24, 2014 by dignity

It’s that time of the week again as the guys sit down for your weekly dose of gaming goodness! Today Warren is all pumped up for the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 and is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new rulebook. With the new book comes a whole new mass of tactics and tricks to learn!

The Weekender: 40K 7th Edition & Big DUST News!

Keeping with the 40K vibe we’ve been sent through some Orc Junk Barricades & Orc Flakvierling from Kromlech! We also got sent through something from the guys at Micro Art Studio in the form of their Dark Temple Fortification Set you might have seen in the news during the week.

The guys also get their grubby paws on a huge bundle of DUST minis and we’re having an epic competition for two of the starter sets and you’ll have to watch the whole show for details on how to win! The Guys are cracking open a few of their favorites from the bundle and showing off the new rulebook that not only lets you play DUST Tactics but also the new DUST Battlefields. DUST Battlefields is the replacement for the old DUST Warfare rules set that still has its home at Fantasy Flight Games.

Bits of War from Kromlech

Micro Art Studio – Dark Temple Fortification Set

DUST Kickstarter!

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