The Weekender: FoW, Warmachine & Infinity Prizes!

July 13, 2013 by dignity

Welcome to The Weekender! Today the guys are talking about Warmachine: Tactics and how it’s already rushed through it’s funding target. But, is it actually going to be as good as we all hope?

The Weekender: FoW, Warmachine & Infinity Prizes!

Staying on the topic of Privateer Press the Battlebox & Beyond series is over! Don’t fret though as they are all in the library ready for you to check out at your leisure. Also a little thing called Convergence is coming on Monday!

Warren also has plans for Flames of War For The Win and potentially taking his army onto the beaches of Normandy. What nefarious defences is he working on?

We also talked about the Journeyman League being run here at Tabletop Nation last week and now we have a bit of an update.

…also did I hear someone mention Inheritance? In The Weekender! Heresy of the highest order!

Infinity Week Winners:
PanOceania- Acontecimento Starter Pack and Joan of Arc blister lordsharick (BOW)
Ariadna- Caledonian Starter Pack and Metro HMG blister roberto7 (BoW)
Haqqislam- Haqqislam Starter Pack and Al Hawwa Sniper blister. William Widrick (YT)
Nomads- Corregidor Starter Pack and wildcats with HRL blister cambra666 (BOW)
Combined Army- Shasvastii Expeditionary force starter pack and Ko Dali blister. Austin Becht (YT)

The prize for the INFINITY Bootleg Video:
Joe Scarface Turner
Maghariba Pilot
Lizard pilot
O-Yoroi pilot
PanO tech coolie.

Winner: jjube (BOW)

Last Weeks Spartacus Comp Winner: Unit Forward (YT)


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Happy Gaming!