The Weekender: Funky Modular Virtual Tabletop Fun!

September 11, 2013 by dignity

Boom! The Weekender is back with a bang and we have some awesome talk with you guys about. The guys will be chatting about the ace looking terrain coming out of Plast Craft for Infinity, the progress on Virtual tabletops and the return of some Backstage favourites in the Deepspace Assault Console and GameScape series.

The Weekender: Funky Modular Virtual Tabletop Fun!

As well as that we get a chat about one of the games of the moment, Formula D which you might have seen on Tabletop this season. We can’t forget the ace charity event, Battle for Sofia that is going to be happening later on this year. It’s a marathon game of Warhammer Fantasy and deserves your support.


Plast Craft Modular Terrain

3D Virtual Tabletop

Deepspace Assault Console

Forumla D Board Game Basics


Battle for Sofia Charity Event

Happy Gaming!

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